Blogger Improved BlogThis!

    January 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The bookmarklet from Google’s Blogger has been tweaked to add some formatting buttons for easier on-the-page blogging.

Users who have the Google Toolbar already have the Blog This functionality available. Other users who have browsers like Firefox, Opera, or even Internet Explorer can drag the bookmarklet to the browser’s links bar for easy access.

Clicking the bookmarklet launches a new window; users will be prompted to login to Blogger to continue. Then the new features listed in the Blogger Buzz blog post will be available: bold, italic, font color, link, blockquote, and spell checking.

In the new window opened by the bookmarklet, the title of the page being viewed will be populated into the title field of the Blog This post window. That title also appears in the body section of the post window, hyperlinked to the page the user is seeing. Both items can be edited normally, either as rich text or html.

Once the editing has been completed, the entry can be published to the blog or saved as a draft for later revision. The bookmarklet offers a simpler experience than the excellent Firefox plug-in, Performancing for Blogging, but can be used with browsers besides Firefox.

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