Blogger Captchas Round Two Versus Comment Spam

    August 19, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Hot on the heels of enabling the Flag button to tag objectionable content comes an option to require word verification for comments.

Maybe this will make Mark Cuban a little happier with Blogger. It should make users with Blog*Spot sites happier.

The word verification feature, captcha, has been made available for blogs on the site. It is turned off by default, but it seems likely anyone affected by spammers dumping spam comments in blogs will be hitting the ‘enable’ button in a hurry.

Turning it on will require commentors to a blog to enter a word they see displayed in an image into a text box. Without doing this, the commentor can’t leave a comment on a blog. That should help cut down on any automated methods in place being used by spammers.

The Blogger Buzz site notes that captcha and flag aren’t complete solutions to the spam problem. Perhaps Google will have Blogger implement captcha for the blog creation process, where automated tools create the spam blogs. Those have Mr. Cuban on the verge of banning the whole domain from his IceRocket search engine.

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