Blogger Breaks Down, Bounces Back

    August 23, 2007

Google’s Blogger is an incredibly popular publishing system, and for about an hour Wednesday morning, it took a break from all its fans.  Just a breather, you know.  Or, in what seems a more likely explanation, Blogger broke.

Google sometimes keeps its mouth closed in these situations, but yesterday, the search giant fessed up.  “Blogger and Blog*Spot had an unexpected outage for an hour this morning, starting around 7AM PDT.  As of 8AM, all but a few blogs are working properly again,” wrote “Pete” on the official Blogger Status, um, blog.  “We apologize profusely for this interruption in service.”

Quite all right, Pete.  These things are bound to happen, really; it’s just more noticeable (and newsworthy) when they happen to a company of Google’s size and prominence.  And everything had been going so well.  There were new videos for Google News, fresh ads on YouTube, and the launch of Sky.  Also, according to Hitwise, Google’s search market share is up.

Now the Blogger story’s been picked up by such notables as Google Blogoscoped’s Philipp Lenssen and Juan Carlos Perez of the IDG News Service.  Perez notes, “Blogger publishers have posted a rising volume of complaints on the official Blogger discussion forum since Monday, reporting problems editing, publishing and accessing blogs.”

Ah, well.  Blogger’s back in business, now, and not many of its fans seem to be holding a grudge.