Blog Topics: Widening the Search Engine Net

    August 28, 2006

Blog topics are always a popular posting item. After all, most bloggers are short on posting ideas from time to time.

Most discussions on the issue focus on the usual, such as considering your major blog themes from another angle, or finding related and complementary approaches. You know the drill. Let’s try another concept on for size.

There are probably many topics that your never write about at any time. For example, I almost never write about politics on this blog. When I mention the subject at all, it’s usually in conjunction with a preference for creating a stronger entrepreneurial climate, where startup businesses are able to prosper and grow. I mention politics as it’s one of the most popular blogging arenas. It’s one of the few types of blogs that the mainstream media acknowledges as well. I suspect that’s because of their own obsession with all things government related; but I digress.

After all of that wonderful circuitous path, perhaps we can find some value in all of this digression. I happen to like sliding off onto tangents, but I try to control that writing weakness as much as possible. On the other hand, some of my readers prefer my off topic postings, so maybe straying from the stated path has some merit after all.

In any case,it’s often a good idea to consider your non-blogging topics. Surprisingly, subjects that never appear on your blog in print can very often lead to great on-topic blog posts.

As with my example of a political post tying in with entrepreneurship, other subject areas are very often related to your own regular blog posting themes. As new subject matter is introduced to your blog, in a manner that’s entirely relevant to your blog’s overall theme, you have just achieved some additional SEO blog power.

New topics, that are tied in with your regular posts, increase your number of keyword phrases for searches. As a result, your blog is able to rise in the search engine rankings crossing into other thematic areas. The new searches mean more blog visitors, and potential long term readers, and possible relationships.

The key is to keep the new blog topics related to your regular material. The best technique is to include a tie-in paragraph right in the new topic post. Search engines emphasise theme relevance. Make certain that you maintain it.

Here’s an example of what I mean by theme relevance. Don’t just introduce a post, out of thin air about elephants onto your crafts blog, unless you discuss how elephants are a popular design motif. Voila! Instant theme relevance.

Adding new posting areas to your blog will widen your search engine keyword phrase net. As a result, your blog will gain some additional readers.

Think outside the box.

Better yet, build a brand new box entirely.

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