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    January 30, 2007

OK, let’s look again at blog search engines. It’s been just about an hour since Seagate’s news went up.

So, let’s compare blog search engines and see how they are doing.

Google Blog Search for Seagate (note, this is different than the “main” Google engine – also, you have to click “sorted by date” to get the latest stuff).

IceRocket for Seagate.
Sphere for Seagate.
Technorati for Seagate.
Ask for Seagate.

Sorry guys. Google is just trouncing you here. Not only did it have my article first, but it had Jon Fortt’s article on DAVE first too.

Google’s blog search also has less noise. My second favorite? It’s Ask. It had both my article and Gizmodo’s mention of it last night.

Technorati? Dave Sifry, what’s going on? Your engine is looking worse and worse as time goes along. I find that I’m using Technorati less and less as time goes along too. Nothing about DAVE is up on Technorati yet. In fact, I wonder if Technorati is even indexing my blog anymore?

Not a good performance at all for Technorati. If a big company (two, actually) are already beating a startup on speed and quality (they are) then the startup is toast.

Why are blog search engines important? Because it’s how everyone from political campaigns to corporate officers inside places like Seagate listen to what the bloggers are saying about them.

If a blog search engine isn’t up to the minute then the people who use that engine are at a disadvantage to people who are using another engine. It’s why I can link out to interesting stuff about Seagate before other bloggers wake up.

Oh, and it’s also a way I can keep track of who’s linking or not.

One thing I don’t like about Google’s blog search is that it defaults to “sort by relevance.” I far prefer the “Sorted by date” option (you have to click that on the top right side of the page to get it to show you the newest stuff it found).

How long does it take your blog about Seagate to get into the blog search engines?

UPDATE: It’s now 6:12 a.m. – more than two hours since announcement – and Technorati still doesn’t have a single mention of DAVE. It doesn’t even have Gizmodo’s mention of Seagate that was posted last night. If Technorati isn’t getting Gizmodo into its index, what hope does any other blogger have of getting into Technorati. Google actually has improved over the past two hours, while Technorati has gotten worse. And people wonder why I’m a Google fan


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