Blog Marketing on Par with Email Marketing and SEO

    April 12, 2007

Here’s a thought followed by a question. Email marketing is a huge industry (many providers, 1000s of companies using email as a marketing tool), as is SEO. Both are accepted strategies, with little questioning of their efficacy, at least so far as conventional wisdom goes. They are standard marketing approaches.

Could blog marketing ever reach a similar level of ubiquity? While there are dozens of blog platforms available, will there ever be an end-to-end solution similar to what you see with some email platform providers? CheetahMail being one example. They provide email marketing, analytics, and campaign management.

I realize blogging is a horse of a different color than email, though the two play very well together, so I may be comparing apples to oranges. But, my question really isn’t about the peculiar features of the various approaches, only whether you see blog marketing as becoming as pervasive.

Make sense? Your thoughts are appreciated.