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    November 6, 2006

Bloggers know many people. Not only are bloggers on a first name basis with other bloggers who share their interests, but the blog itself has helped to create a wider network of personal contacts. Networking is just one more blog benefit. Bloggers know bloggers.

Blogs build interpersonal relationships simply by being on the internet. Bloggers make contact with other bloggers, and often join such networking groups as Friendster and LinedIn. Along with joining these social networking communities, bloggers recommend other bloggers for membership. Through these interconnected groupings, bloggers meet other non-bloggers in both related and unrelated fields. Blogging helps you to get to know other people.

Bloggers can also help to widen the circle of contacts for one another. Most members of the various blogging communites either know one another personally; or or are aware of each other’s work. For example, most members of the business blogging community share contacts that span almost every business blog in the blogosphere. Bloggers can help one another even more by sharing those contacts with others through introductions. Bloggers can be very powerful connection builders.

By sharing those bloggers whom you know with others, you are helping other bloggers to succeed. The wonderful thing about bloggers is we don’t even need to dream of competinf with one another. With literally billions of websites, representing an almost infinite potential customer and client pool, there is more than enough business for everyone. In fact, by introducing some bloggers to one another, you might even enhance your own business network in the future. One introduction usually leads to many more contacts being made in both the short and the long run.

Look over your list of bloggers and talk with other bloggers. Mention a few bloggers you know well by name, and whom you feel comfortable in sharing. Most people will be flattered that you helped them to connect with new people. After all, people are happy to help others succeed. Here’s your chance to do precisely that good deed.

Helping two or more bloggers get to know one another is a win-win result for everyone involved. They get to know one another and that meeting can lead to friendships, business relationships, and even romance. You develop a reputation within the blogging community as a connector, and as someone who knows everyone else. As your introduction total grows, so too will your own contact list.

Blogging leads to connections through conversation. Start those talks going by introducing two bloggers to one another.

Become a blog connecter today.



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