Blog Evolution Meets Intelligent Design

    January 12, 2006

Okay, so this post title was a little bit over the top.

One of the advantages of blogging is the ability (or liability) of writing one’s own headlines. The lack of an over the shoulder editor tut tutting (is that a word?) about topic and word choice enables such personal vanity. No editor officially, means you edit your own writing unofficially.

Okay, that was a digression…or a diversion…or simply a way to fill in space when my word count is low. Note that blogging can include stream of consciousness as a legitimate form of post. While I rarely use the writing technique, free thought flow writing is used to powerful effect on many personal blogs. Maybe that’s why so many blogs use the words “ramblings” and “rambles” in their titles. Free advice: don’t use those words in your blog title.

Back to my ramblings (it’s okay to ramble within a post) about blogging in general.

As blogs grow and evolve (you knew there would be a title tie-in there somewhere, right?) over time, your own blog undergoes various changes as well. Those differences may be the result of your intelligent design (another title reference) or from adapting to changing conditions. Those changes may be personal, business related, or simply the desire for something different.

A blog can move from the highly personal to becoming more information oriented. The opposite flow of ideas and posts is also possible. A business blogger might start out seeking higher search engine rankings or more potential customers, and over time the blog could mutate into a business advice blog. In fact a blog is almost always in the process of becoming.

Of course, the requisite cat photos (and dog pics too) are ubiquitous to almost all blogs (or to some observers it appears that way); but not mine. Maybe I could change that situation too with a random pet picture. But I digress.

That’s what this post is all about in the final analysis. It’s about change and letting your blog evolve with it. A blog, like the writer behind it (or in front of it depending upon your perspective), will become different over time. It’s a natural act of what is truly an organic medium. There is no editor (another reference to an earlier paragraph for those playing along at home) to keep your blog on topic.

Change, by both natural evolution and intelligent design, is healthy for blogs. There is no need to debate that issue. It’s more important to have, maintain, and write a blog, than to stick to strict, and perhaps arbitrary, editorial principles. After all, it’s your blog. You enjoy the privilege of deciding all the news that may or may not be fit to blog.

Write your blog posts and let the river of blogging take you with the flow.

The blog is the process of change.

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