Blog and Website Visitor Traffic: Finding Offline Sources

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Everyone wants more website blog visitor traffic. You have probably already tried many ideas for gaining new readers through internet promotions …

… including higher search engine rankings through SEO, publishing internet articles, and posting blog comments and message board post.

You can find many new visitors through offline sources as well. Here are some ideas for you to try.

Press releases

Write a press release for distribution to the news media. If your business is doing anything that could be considered newsworthy, be sure to send a press release, to the appropriate media outlets. News releases could point out new executive additions or substantial increases in staffing, expansion plans, new products, or a business anniversary.

Be sure to write the press release as a news item, and not as an advertisement, if you want it published. Think like a news editor and offer stories that the publication would want to print.

Read the articles already printed there. What you send to them has to be in a similar style, and on topic, to what their site or publication is all about.

You don’t send an article on automobile transmissions to a clothing site. It will simply be ignored at best, and deleted at worst. How you spent your vacation in Tahiti might be just what a travel site is looking for, but it’s unlikely to be of interest to a Shakespeare editor.

Another bad idea is sending advertising copy, and promotional material for your business, thinly disguised as a news story. Experienced editors will simply hit the delete button on their e-mail program, and send your glorified advertisement to cyber oblivion. They might also keep your e-mail address on file, as a warning to never open your e-mails or letters again..

When you send the release, be certain to include all of your business details, about how you can be reached for an interview. Include your website URL on all of your press releases. As an added bonus, all of your releases can be archived on your site as added keyword rich content, for being found by the search engines.

Networking as a volunteer

Do some old fashioned face to face networking.Visit with as many groups in your community as you possibly can, prior to joining. Some groups are more educationally oriented, some are mainly in search of volunteers, and others are interested in facilitating business contacts.

Learn as much as you can about the group, its support for business networking, the quality of its leadership, and its general tone. That way, you can select the groups that are right for you, and your business.

Once you choose the groups you wish to join, become involved in their activities. Sign up as a volunteer on a few of their committees. If at all possible, select one that has some relation to your field of business.

Be seen as a helpful person and a strong business resource. If people view you as an expert, willing to share advice freely in your area of business, they will gravitate towards you for ideas and assistance. It also serves to keep your name and business visible to them.

Be certain that your website URL is included on all of your business cards, brochures, and other promotional materials. Visitors to your site will follow.

Offer internet only specials to offline customers

In addition to your offline business, should you have one, offer some internet only specials. Commonly used by the major airlines and hotels, internet only offers will keep visitor traffic returning to your website, in search of those online bargains.

If your site offers highly sought after products or services, bringing the specialized traffic to your site, can aid in cross selling and upselling to your customers.

Be sure to let your offline customers know that you offer internet only sales at regular intervals. That information can be provided at offline point of purchase, on your promotional materials, or on the website itself.

Use word of mouth advertising

Use a little word of mouth advertising. Simply tell everyone you know about your website. Give them incentive to tell others by doing a little viral marketing. Have something humorous or interesting, to send around the internet, via e-mail or instant messenger.

People love to spread the word, often to their entire mailing list. Make certain a link to your website is included as part of the marketing message. Use word of mouth marketing to your advantage.

By means of creative offline promotions, your blog or website will find many new visitors. If your online business depends on obtaining new customers and clients, offline sources are a powerful new pool of potential visitors.

Think offline today and watch your blog or website visitor traffic grow.

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Wayne Hurlbert provides insigtful information about marketing, promotions, search engine optimization and public relations for websites and business blogs on the popular Blog Business World.

Check out Blog Business World for yourself.

Blog and Website Visitor Traffic: Finding Offline Sources
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