Blocking Adwords Qualified Professional Pages

    September 27, 2007

In a thread titled, "Qualified professionals blocked on Google" at WebmasterWorld, a new face of Google came into limelight. At the AdWords Robots.txt file, one can notice something like this- "Disallow: /*?"

Technically speaking, it means that Google disallows all Google AdWords Qualified Professional pages. To make it more clear, have a look at another example of one Google AdWords Professional page. Notice closely, the way the URL is typed “” Since Google disallows /*?, Google won’t index them fully.

Moreover, some 1,300 pages at Google are already indexed at But the truth is that these pages are not fully indexed. The pages are like linkage data, and that is why those are listed in the index. But still it is not clear as why does Google not index them? The best part is that Google has approved these AdWords advertisers, and now the pages are blocked from being indexed.

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