Blockbuster Movie Pass Sounds Great...If You're a DISH Subscriber

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Yesterday it was speculated that DISH Network and their recent acquisition Blockbuster would be launching a streaming service to rival Netflix. Today, they did launch a streaming service, but you can't quite call it a rival to Netflix.

During their "Stream Come True" press event today, DISH Network unveiled Blockbuster Movie Pass, which brings streaming and DVD services together at one package, available for $10 a month.

Subscribers will have access to 3,000 titles available for streaming to TV - that number jumps to 4,000 when you are streaming to a computer. The DVD service has over 100,000 titles, any of which can be returned to a Blockbuster location once watched. With Movie Pass, you can't pick up another DVD once you return yours, however. You'll have to wait for it in the mail. On the plus side, there will be no up-charge for Blu-rays.

Movie Pass also incorporates over 3,000 games.

Here's the problem: It's only available for DISH Network customers, for now. So as it stands right now, super sweet deal for DISH subscribers - but Netflix killer it is not.

If you're a DISH subscriber, it's pretty much a no-brainer add-on at the $10 price point. If you're not a DISH subscriber, it looks like DISH is hoping that this is an incentive to become one. Here's what they are offering to new subscribers -

From Oct. 1 through Jan. 31, 2012, DISH Network is offering new customers Blockbuster Movie Pass included with their DISH Network subscription for one year when they subscribe to DISH Network's America's Top 200 programming package or greater and commit to 24 months of DISH Network service. This is up to $360 in savings.

Movie Pass will become available for existing DISH customers on October 1st.

At least for now, it looks like DISH wants to integrate Blockbuster's current DVD and streaming services with their pay TV structure. And at first glance, this looks like a good way to do it. Current DISH customers will be getting a lot for just an extra $10 a month.

But until Movie Pass becomes available to everyone, it's hard to truly think of it as a Netflix competitor.

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