Blizzard Loses A World Of Warcraft Player

10 million players, and zero ways to resolve a problem

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An inexplicable banning and no way to contact Blizzard Entertainment for an explanation other than by email adds up to this: forget about having me as a player.

You might think a business with 10 million customers would have a way to work with them outside of email. Such logic does not apply to Blizzard, operators of the world’s biggest MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

About five days into our ten-day trial, where we have been trying out different characters to get a feel for the game, I was in the middle of taking a Forsaken mage through his paces when boom, disconnected. Upon reconnecting, I received this message: “This World of Warcraft account has been closed and is no longer available for use.”

The accompanying link noted I should check my email for a follow-up message, and noted an email address to contact. Here’s the astonishing message I received:

Access to this account has been permanently disabled for exploitation of World of Warcraft through associated accounts which have been closed for intended exploitation. While we try to be as lenient as possible in our assessments of the results of exploitation investigations, reoccurring trends in exploitative endeavors on your accounts have ultimately lead to their closure. The recurring subscription on the account has been disabled to prevent further charges.

Wow, I must be some kind of horrid person, right? Um, wrong. I downloaded a trial directly from the official site, then installed the full version from a new, purchased box set of software. I’ve only logged in through the regular software client.

There’s no spyware, rootkits, or any other threats my various little defensive software tools have found on my system. I don’t have any problem blaming Blizzard for taking a remarkably stupid action, compounded by arrogantly hiding behind an email address instead of making someone useful available by phone.

To summarize, I’m sure as hell not doing anything that could be considered exploitative.

Maybe if they hit 15 or 20 million subscribers they might consider the benefits of real customer service and shell out some bucks for a phone contact option. Disney figured that out for both of their online games, ToonTown and Pirates of the Caribbean.

How a company with 10 million customers can thrive and grow while arbitrarily and erroneously screwing over a player simply eludes me. I’d only considered World of Warcraft recently, as a way to reconnect with my idled interest in fantasy gaming, sparked by the passing of Gary Gygax.

Looks like I’ll be picking up Neverwinter Nights or something else. In closing, Blizzard, get a clue, tell whoever manages your customer service to take a class or two in communications (a first for you, perhaps?), and have a nice day.

Blizzard Loses A World Of Warcraft Player
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  • David A. Utter

    The number in question is A) listed for account and billing questions and B) solid busy when I did try to call it, repeatedly. No voicemail, nothing, just a busy signal.

    From the email: Any disputes or questions concerning this account action can only be addressed by Account Administration.

    I emailed the address provided for Account Administration. A phone contact was not provided as an option; considering the nature of the issue, I figured they prefer to handle complaints asynchronously.

    I appreciate the comment, but you’re erroneous in assuming I didn’t try these options.

    You also obviously did not read the reason Blizzard gave for shutting down my account. A company handling as much business as they do needs to have a better process in place than just tossing off a nebulous email claiming there’s a serious problem when there’s not.

    • Guest

      Correct.  Only Billing services can be dealt with over the phone(After a 20-30min wait).  Only wowaccountadmin@blizzard.com can deal with Account related issues such as bans and what not.  Personally, I’ve had a character stolen.  I reported this, regained control of my account and for whatever reason, I was never rewarded back my character.  I’ve been unable to speak to a human relating this issue.  I keep getting a genric e-mail with the same exact text copy and pasted from different GMs.  I suspect customer support can actually do ANYTHING, if they even wanted to.(i’m assuming they don’t give a s#it)

  • Guest

    Less QQ more PEW PEW!

    • David A. Utter

      but Blizzard seems to think I’m a villain on par with some of their highest level WoW bosses. I apologize if this piece comes across like a rant, but we’ve been playing off and on for less than a week, on one account, and being accused of “reoccurring trends in exploitative endeavors on your accounts” is an epic screwup on their part.

      Phone line still busy busy at Blizzard. Submitting through the web form just generated another autoresponse through email. Tell me again everyone why I’m the bad guy here?

  • David A. Utter

    I got through on the phone finally, and guess what? They don’t handle suspension or closure issues. Thanks for trying to help, but it looks like I was right in interpreting account administration as an email-only issue.

  • Guest

    I have had the exact identical problem as you, David and am frustrated by the results.  I am a 36 yr old CPA who has casually played the game for 3 years.  I got the same "exploitation" message over the weekend and have been banned.  There is no way I have exploited the game as I play conservatively. 

    I called the 1-800-59blizz number and was told that I had to submit an e-mail for an "investigation" to begin.  I too ran the anti-spam/anti-virus scans and found no keyloggers, etc. on my system.  I’ve paid blizzard hundreds of dollars and they can’t even give me a human to talk to resolve.  I was also told I would continue to be billed during the suspension. 

    P.S. I came across your webpage as I tried to google "warcraft account adminstration phone number" :)

  • http://gophur.playnet.com Dana V Baldwin

    Granted, our gaming company is miniscule in comparison to blizzard but in the subscriptino based MMO buisness, support scales pretty linearly with subscriptions and I can’t imagine offering telephone support. It’s outdated, expensive and frustrating.

    Metrics show that the person handling the issue can get much more done using an IM or email client than talking on the phone. Not to mention that you don’t really want to talk to a sweat shop in Bangalore, no matter how much you think you might want to.

    It’s an on line game for pete’s sake, why wouldn’t support be on line? The only reason I can fathom is that in Blizzard’s case they have such a wide audience and by that I mean that little Timmy’s mom might not really be a technocrat of any degree and is rooted in hte past before yuo0r insurance company, or your bank inundated you with canned voice messages to "visit our website", while you sit on hold.

    I am surprised that people so interested in technology would pine for such an outdated and ineffective means of communication for support.

    • Guest

      Much agreed!

    • David A. Utter

      I understand what you’re saying, but I’ve worked in a call center, worn the headset, listened to people, solved problems to whatever degree of empowerment I’ve been able to use.

      In this issue with Blizzard, I would cheerfully engage in IM with someone who could help me. They don’t offer it. They offer one solitary method of contact for this ludicrous closure issue: email.

      So you think the telephone is outdated for customer contact? Fine, but you miss the human equation a competent and trained customer service rep fulfills.

      Blizzard has no problem servicing billing and technical questions by phone, so Blizzard president Mike Morhaime obviously understands its value.

      I’ve been wrongfully treated by Blizzard and I want to communicate this to someone. In their email, Blizzard threatens to delete your messages if you email them too many times about the same topic.

      With this being my only contact option, then yes, I’ll take the antiquated telephone as a choice.

      Blizzard isn’t some garage startup. 10 million players, $15 a month to play. Do the math. They’ve chosen to cost cut here, and I’m the one bleeding from it. And I’m not the only one, apparently.

  • Sinyk

    I have to agree with David here.  Blizzard is severely lacking in their customer service department.  When "GM’s" in game are only capable of responding via canned macro scripts and emails are responded to using standard form letters frustration abounds.  Unfortunately I’m too much of an addict to quit because of this.  I just wish they’d get a clue.

  • Guest

    thank god. finally someone who makes sense here…

  • Guest

    Honestly, Blizz needs to get rid of trial accounts, period. They are used by spammers to annoy others, and honestly as a consumer, you are better off buying the game and getting your free month with full playing privledges, than spending the "free trial" period functionally crippled (no mail, no trades).

    Bottom line, you get what you paid for. If you want to play the tame, pay the price.

  • Dave

    On the other hand, the best support experience I have ever had was in-game in World of Warcraft and I have been working in IT for over 20 years.  When my character had a technical issue, the support manager dropped out of the sky and elegantly resolved the problem I had very quickly.  It’s too bad you want to give up so soon.  WoW can be a phenomenal experience.

  • Tom

    Never have seen this problem with my accounts.  btw, I put the game on the shelf 6 months ago with 2 70’s all epic. 

    One thing that could be suspicious is that you said you had created several characters and "we" were putting them through thier paces.  Were you the only person playing?  The number of recently created characters vs playtime could raise a flag or 2 if they were out of balance.  Leveling services and gold farming services are huge now adays.  Blizzard takes those issues very seriously.

    Also, I gotta ask…why "research" a game that has been out for the better part of 3 years? 

    On the other hand of customer service, blizz’s gm’s are the best customer service I have ever ran into….albeit a little slow, but nonetheless very effective.

    • David A. Utter

      That’s it: one computer, one account, one login, one reasonably difficult password to guess. He and I played together, created six characters on two realms. We had to switch realms because Ghostlands became full all the time and we couldn’t get in.

      However, there was a satisfactory ending as I’ll post separately in a moment.

  • Guest

    and nothing of value was lost

    • David A. Utter

      I like to think mine is these days.

  • David A. Utter

    It only took three days but I finally received a response from a GM:

    “I’d like to let you know exactly what happened. First off, nothing you did on the account was objectionable; this was an error on our part, and I apologize for the inconvenience it caused. As part of our aggressive efforts to protect the quality of the game experience for all players, we monitor our realms and regularly take strong action against accounts that are used to exploit game elements or spam other players with website ads. In this isolated occurrence, the account you were playing on was mistakenly identified as such.”

    If they had IM or phone contacts, I could have told them this earlier. A veteran WoW player assured me I would hear back from the company, and he was right.

    If it’s true that Blizzard’s parent Vivendi ended the phone support that could have helped fix this, shame on them.

  • http://www.flerking.com Level 70 Guest

    You should spend your subscription money on a gym membership.

    Maybe work off that epic level 70 gut.

    WOW is a level 70 timesink. If you think your time is valuable, why the fuck are you gnoming around in lala land? The game is boring.
    The community is a joke. The farmers and script kiddies run it.
    And the ‘4dmin’ is simultaneously swamped and on fire 24/7/365.

    So find another game that involves actual gray matter utilization.
    Or, you know, go outside and stop being a translucent blob.

    Cheers dude. Hope life gets better.

  • John

    On a typical day, I get off work, grab a shower get some food and then relax in my comfy black leather chair, and engage in World of Warcraft. I get to play seldom during the week, with work and jogging, and all that other fun stuff. Today however, Blizzard had different plans, I was farming on my Mage in Netherstorm and poof..I was disconnected from the game and then emailed stating that I had done some criminal act and have been completely and permanently removed from the game. I couldn’t believe it, I’ve played this game since release and have never had any issues until yesterday night.

    I am the guild leader of a guild on feathermoon and we were just starting to get our 25 man raid going, apparently I epic farmed my way to a permanent ban? The reason on my ban stated was that I was using 3rd party programs? Which means what? I’m some sort of bot or something? I’ve done 10 man, 25 man instances and am the guild leader of my guild, I really think they screwed up on this one. I tried calling blizzard, and was told repeatedly that only account administration can handle such issues. I tried pleading with the person on the other line but, what is some 19 year old kid going to do, really? Next step I took was emailing blizzard at their account admin email, and was basically given the same bogus excuse, it’s almost really as if he/she didn’t even look and just went along with whatever the original person did.

    I’m fairly disappointed because I’ve put in 3 years of my life into this game and I don’t want it to mean nothing because of some idiot who completely missed the ball and thinks I’m using some sort of hack or 3rd party program like a bot? I’ve never even heard of the term "packet sniffing" software that they mentioned and accused me of using. Frankly what are my options at this point? It’s been a day thus far, but I feel helpless and I basically have to hope that someone out there will care enough to look into things and actually investigate my issue.


    If anyone has any feedback or advice, let me know, at the moment I’m just basically stunned at the randomness of being booted off, forever for something which is completely false.




    Jonathon/Phase – Feathermoon (RP)

  • Art

    Account sharing is against the terms of service. Even having two people play two seperate characters on the same account is grounds for a ban. Congrats on getting your account back, but I’d recommend you tell your friend to get his own account to avoid this happening again. Besides, if you do that, then you guys can group and quest together. It’ll be more fun that way.

  • Guest

    My account was placed on a 3 hour suspension because of language useage in GUILDCHAT…I was reported AS A JOKE by one of my guildmates for cussing durring a raid and blizzard suspended my account…even after the individual told the guy several times it was a joke and didn’t even think you could be suspended for cussing in raid chat.

    I logged into another account to discuss this issue with a GM and was told by the GM "You need to log into the account that is suspended to discuss questions and details pertaining to that account, we cannot assist you unless you are logged into the account in question"

    apparently the logic behind trying to log into an account that cannot be logged into missed this guy…so I said screw it and went out and got some cocktails that night instead of messing with it anymore. 

    I tried to log in the next day and my account had been banned because of security reasons.  as well as my friends account that I logged in to in order to talk to a GM.  Apparently we have been banned because we are sharing an account in order to exploit the game is the reason we have been given.

    Blizzard’s AA department takes at least 24 hours to return emails and there is no way to contact them by phone that I have been able to find.  I have tried to reason with these people in every way possible yet they seem hell bent on just sending me canned/automated responses to my emails instead of actually looking at the situation.

    the lack of phone support or even an IM support is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of…especially when the delay from email support is 24 hours or more.

    I’ve had this game, paid my monthly bill, and played it just fine since November of 2004…at $15 a month for 42 months that comes out to $630 and for that price I cannot even get 2 minutes of someones time on the phone…its completely absurd

  • Guest

    I used to complain about PlayNC customer support when I had issues with City of Heroes.  However, having experienced my first Blizzard customer support endeavor, I’m longing for my frustration at PlayNC.  Basically, the GMs are (apparently) over-worked.  In my case, I waited 3 hours with an "open ticket – wait time unavailable".  Then, 5 hours later, I get an email that my ticket had been escalated.  The email was sent from donotreply@blizzard.com and specifically said that matters of this sort were best discussed online.  I also got an in-game email apologizing that I was not online when they got to my ticket; but, once again, was told that the matter could not be handled via in-game email, so I was not to reply to the in-game email.

    This is where the frustration started.  I get an email saying not to reply to the email, and I get an in-game email saying not to reply to the in-game email.  If all conversations are best held online, then when is someone going to just pop in and say "hello"?  How can I just say, "Hey! I’m here! We can talk now!"?  There’s no answer.

    PlayNC, while frustrating due to their scripted answers to all questions (which Blizzard suffers from as well), at least had a ticket system where you could reply to the email with additional details or visit the customer support website and give additional details.  Blizzard’s answer to the PlayNC ticket system (although I do not know if this was the intent) is the WoW official customer service forum.  Of course, on the forum, I made note of my issue.  The main problem was that there were about 5 threads about the same issue, and in one of the threads a Blizzard rep stated that it was, indeed, a "known issue".  My issue with this knowledge of an issue is that if you know something is a known issue, why not create a simple, scripted fix for the issue and then distribute to your support staff, delegating at least one person to "clearing out the bucket" of open tickets for the known issue until the bucket is clear?  Instead, I take back unconfirmed reports of a potential five day wait from ticket to resolution.

    The issue I have with MMORPGs is that they really have no true incentive to perform once they gain the status that WoW has gained.  In effect, it’s not like I can go to Verizon for my WoW service.  They have a captive audience, and they can do pretty much whatever they want as long as the consumer has a vested interest in depositing $15 every month.  Not wanting to lose something that you invested hours and hours of your time in making is a pretty emotionally-linked incentive if you ask me.  Some people can walk away from this, but most cannot; which is why we put up with less than stellar customer support. 

    One aspect of WoW’s customer support forum that astonished me was this strange "Village of the Damned" vibe which permeated through every positive post made in which someone just "accepted" the insane "unofficial" wait for the issue to be resolved.  It was like they were spraying arasol benzodiazepines through the PC’s internet connection, calming them to the point they were just accepting what seemed like a presposterous amount of time to wait for resolution to a common issue. 

    This begs the question, just how badly strapped is Blizzard customer support?  For that matter, just how badly managed is Blizzard customer support?  Is management not giving these reps the tools they need to efficiently handle more tickets, thus increasing productivity?  It’s a possibility, and one that I’ve experienced first-hand in the telecom world.  What was the answer?  New Customer Relationship Management software that integrated other system data to create a one-stop-shop for 95% of all questions and solutions. 

    But in the end, we’re (meaning WoW players) mostly addicts, just wanting our fix.  We don’t care if it’s dirty, sometimes we OD, but most times we’re just happy to be comfortably numb (at least our butts after sitting on them for hours on end).

  • Brady

    i have a similar problem, i recently started playing world of warcraft again after about a year of not playing. me and my brother started new characters on a new server. second evening into my accnt i try to log on after a little break and i get the banned message…i am currently waiting for a response from blizz but looking at the storys on here im becoming less and less hopeful by the minute. wow is a joke to begin with there customer service and GM "help" has been utterly useless to me in my experience and now for no reason at all i cant play on my acct…maybe because ive played for about 12 hours in 2 days on 2 different characters they think im hacking? i dont know, i do have a few UI mods but the blizz support websites say that stuff is all good. this is ridiculous. i also have a forsaken mage, after playing with a warr for a day. maybe the chinks have figured out some uber way of grinding using UD mages and this is the result, innoccent bans.

  • Guest

    I have run into the same problem as a lot of others have. Come home from work, see the dreaded "banned" when you try to log in. Find the email, and your stuck. You are left with two choices only. Leave the game on the shelf, or submit to thier complete control over your enjoyment of the game. Your immediatly confused and frustrated and have no way to resolve the issue immediatly. Any Innocent paying customer would expect this kind of service. In the end your just left with a bad taste in your mouth if youve really enjoyed the game. Your suddently hit with the reality that what you thought was a personally satisfying product you could enjoy in the privacy of your home has suddenly become the producet of  a "big brother" that says youve been bad and have no right to be enjoying our product. This is my first time ever playing an online multiplayer game and i’ve only been playing for 3 weeks, i dont even know everything about the game yet and im already here ranting my frustrations to the world. I guess my account got hacked. I chose not to be treated this way (not being able to resolve this issue immediatly) so it looks like ive got another trophy sitting on my "old game" shelf. Its unfortunate that such a wonderful game comes with such a horrible customer service for these kinds of issues that probably affect a lot of people.

  • http://dimemp3.com Lewis

    :) Not long time ago I sold my WoW account, and in about 2 weeks blizzard contacted me and told me that my account was stolen however they restored all the data and gave me access. I mean I didn’t ask em to, why should they bother if I don’t?

  • Dwayne Jordan

    Just got off the Phone with Blizzard Billing Which is the only number Provided. and I asked him about my account. Apart from the generic emails and days of waiting for a reply from blizzard account admin (that sill havent come 10 days later.) all he tells me is that he cant help me with my issue and i would need to contact account admin through their only means of contact… Email.. hmm still waiting on the 10 other replies that still havent come. well i do know this they have been reported to the BBB over 20,000 times and that still isnt working.. hmm maybe blizzard is becoming too big for their own head.. well goodbye WOW May your swords go dull and your servers burn!!!!!

  • Guest

    Well I can tell that i’ve been banned a week ago. Haven’t got any mail what i’ve done. My main problem is that they doesn’t answer me, so made a trail and started to spam GMs which was the only way i could communicate with them. They couldn’t help me at all, every time u launch WoW they are checking for files which shouldn’t be there. So well i was sharing comp with my bro he had a bot and i got banned for not using it =S. This shows how we can trust them, and how their system works. ! 

    • Guest

      Let me get this straight?

      You’re upset that you got banned because there was a bot on YOUR pc?

      dude, get rid of the bot.

      also, you should make sure your email address on your account is up to date, or else you would not get any emails from them.

  • Guest

    I am an adult, female WoW player for almost 2 years then I started back up in college so I quit playing for a year.  Never had a problem.  Then recently I started playing again and out of the blue I get an email saying that my account was banned for any number of reasons (never gave a specific reason).  I have never used any add ons or any kind of hacks on the game, I wouldn’t know how to!  Also, my character was a low level so why would anyone want to hack it in the first place?  I have sent numerous emails and I have not received any email back from Blizzard although I contacted them weeks ago about it.  The only email I received was something stating I had to go out and get a notorized letter and fax it to them with all kinds of info proving I am who I am.   Ridiculous.  I called their support number and pleaded to know why this had happened but of course I got the same old bullcrap after waiting 20 minutes on the phone to talk to someone, "sorry we don’t handle account issues over the phone".  I am seriously thinking about opening a Better Business Bureau complaint on them because this seems to be a huge issue and nothing is being done about it.  Maybe if more people complained to the right people something would get done.

    • Guest

      hope this isnt to late the only reason they want you to get a form noterized and the other one askin your account info and personal information its for security reasons they are asking to un ban your account as soon  as you s end them in the forms they requested and sent you in email they will unlock your account and your account will be available to play again the only down side is you have to pay 10 dollars to have a form noterized

  • Guest

    Well.. I had 4 70’s, though I only played 3.  Two of which were in full season 3 with over 2k ratings in arenas.  I only logged in for arenas, so I really didn’t spend too much time online unless I was actively working on something.. I didn’t raid.  I was playing arenas on the 20th, when I got suddenly disconnected.  Attempting to log back in brought up a message saying my account had been closed.  I waited for an email that never came.  I got an email from my cousin, one of my arena partners, saying he had been banned for 3rd party software which is what they claimed in the email he received, and when I still hadn’t received anything myself, I sent Account Admin an email asking for an explanation.  Three days later I got a generic, obviously cut and pasted, anonymous email that covered all the reasons they would ever ban someone.  It ignored basically all of the questions I asked.  I sent another email appealing the ban as that email explained I should do, but It’s now been twelve days with no response. 

    I have never used a 3rd party program or shared my account info.  I had logged in three days before from my cousin’s, but that was a fresh reboot and I had closed all programs that were not necessary for performance reasons.  I know nothing was running in the background.  It is the only time I have ever logged in from that IP address.

    I called Billing and was told that my first email was treated as my appeal, so other emails will be ignored, nevermind that I was never given a reason to begin with and that the purpose of the first email was simply to figure out what was going on.  I asked to speak to his supervisor and my request was denied, as was my asking for any other phone number I could call.  I was given the postal address for their Legal Department, but beyond that, the call was pointless.  I was told that I had agreed to their terms of service when I played and that maybe I should play a different game. 

    I would think that someone who has been a member of the wow community since its beginnings should at least be given the courtesy of talking with another human being over something that they have put so much of their time into. 

    I plan to continue calling on a daily basis,  though I am far from optimistic at this point and to send their legal department a letter. 

    One very disappointed Former Blizzard supporter

  • Iksf

    I get the same problem from blizzard, my account got hacked and i got a gm to suspend it thinking id get it back in 3 weeks, on 6 months and counting no replies 

  • Guest

    I had someone hack into my account and change all of my information.  Even though I had no back up supporting info – i dont keep my game cards after I use them and I also didnt put my name on the account that I created.  My account was back up and running in less then 24 hours.  It only took so long becuase I had to wait for the office to open as I am on eastern time.

    • Guest

      wow account admin is the only way to get char restorations and its possable you got a restoration within 24 hours but not with out your name only way that would be possable is if your parrent or gaurdian made the account for you and you would have to provide there first and last name also your SQA in order for any restoration to take place

      • Guest

        You can get restorations by the GM department, I’ve had things restored within 30 minutes of opening a ticket while on a raid.

  • Guest

    In response to my questions as to why I was banned, why I did not receive an email informing me of the ban or more importantly why, this is the only response I get after twelve days and ONLY because I sent the email to


    who all responded within an hour (thanks) and sent an email to account admin asking them to deal with it.  I got a response within a day.  Here is how much time Account Admin took to read and respond to my two page email and many polite questions:


    Thank you for your continued correspondence regarding the closure of your World of Warcraft account and we apologize for any delay when contacting Account Administration.  We have performed an additional review of all pertinent information pertaining to this closure and have confirmed our findings.  The account will remain closed permanently.

    We hope this has cleared up any concerns you may have and expect no further communication on this matter.  Thank you for your time."


    Nice customer service there….

  • http://www.hemroidshelp.com hemroids

    I had good customer service with Blizzard, when I lost my CD-key once from a package and had to reinstall, I called up customer support who sent me to the email address, and quite quickly validate who I was and issued a new key, and got me back up and running.

  • Guest

    I have an even better story about my account, although it doesn’t involve bannishment. An alt character I own on an alt server I use was sent an in-game e-mail about a simple warning for violation of Blizzard’s TOS. I read the e-mail they had sent to my regular e-mail address and was given the details of what had happened and why I had recieved the warning.

    Sounds like I was satisifed, right? No.

    They tried to say I had made a comment on trade chat that was a racial slur. Firstly, at the time listed in the detials of the incident, I was no where near a city with trade chat. Secondly, the e-mail they had sent me with the details arrived on the 28th of the month but the alleged comment was listed as being "said" on the 29th. ><  They must have Dionne Warwick’s psychic friends or even MIss Cleo on their emplyment roster for anyone to even make that kind of claim.

    Of course, I asked for proof, pointed out what I mentioned here, and even gave a definition of the word I had used in trade chat and pointed out how it was NOT a racial slur, and someone with a sensitivity issue could take it out of context, often repeating the words "alleged" and "allegedly" in the response I wrote. I recieved a generic e-mail thanking me for my actions regaurding the matter and that I could be ASSURED the matter was looked into and the correct action had been taken. >< Needless to say, I didn’t bother arguing with an automated response.


    Cat/ Sanniana


  • Scott

    I came home on May 20th, to find that both my wife’s account and mine were closed permenately due to vague reasons (wont bother listing, you are all familiar with the form letter).  We are both in our thirties, and recreational players.  I have two 70 lvl toons with about 50g total across all my toons, my wife has one 70 and is the guild leader of a medium sized guild on muradin.  There is absolutely nothing in our play history that would indicate that we are bot’ers or have hacked the system in any way.  We have been playing for over 2 years, and agree with the above posters that our loyalty to the game deserves more attention than what we received.  So those are the basics of our account closures.

    We have gone back in forth with Account Admin for over a month, during that period (about a week after our closure) there is a big security alert on WOW.  The security issue is that Adobe has a patch that fixes a huge hole in Flash that allows attackers to ‘remotely’ operate your system without any knowledge of the user.  In the course of my emailing account admin, they mentioned that security of an account is completely on the user’s side.  My issue is that Adobe presented the patch on April 8, 2008, Blizzard didn’t mention it until May 29.  Therefore if they knowlingly allowed a hack into the system, then security no longer rests on the shoulders of the user.  Considering that from Adobe themselves, the hole in flash allows the attacker in, and there is no way for the user to know. 

    We have a small business that specializes in security, and wow was the only program that was allowed through the firewall…since the account closure, we have had numerous security issues with the network ie clients having to change their credit card numbers. 

    I have opened a BBB compliant with the idea of addressing these security issues with Blizzard.  After waiting a month on a response to my BBB complaint, this is the ‘form’ response:

    An investigation into the allegations contained in the complaint of Mr. ###### in association with account #######, BBB Complaint number ######, has revealed the Account was found to be employing a third party program that automates the actions of the characters in-game. On 5/16/08, 5/17/08 and 5/18/08 when the account #######, logged into the game server, Blizzard’s system detected a third party program that has been prohibited for use in conjunction with World of Warcraft by Blizzard. According to the World of Warcraft Terms of Use Agreement which all subscribers agree to upon registering an account to play World of Warcraft, “You agree that you will not (i) modify or cause to be modified any files that are a part of the Program of the Service; (ii) create or use cheats, bots, “mods”, and/or Hacks, or any other third party software designed to modify the World of Warcraft experience.” Under these circumstances, the account, ####### was terminated on 5/20/08. A notice of Account Closure detailing the Terms of Use violation was sent to ############# on that day. Any disputes or questions concerning this account action can only be addressed by Account Administration at wowaccountadmin@blizzard.com

    Which is funny because this was my wife’s account, who wasn’t even online during that period.  I however was, on my acount farming for mats to make a cloak that I got to use ONE day.  Regardless, my BBB complaint had nothing to do with the account closure, but the security hole that they knowlingly allowed into my network.  Point, if Blizzard doesn’t even read the BBB complaints, what will they read?  I am going to start hunting for a lawyer or class action suit already filed, because I can’t be the only one that has received actual harm from wow.

    In regards to WOW, this is a lifelong Blizzard fan (diablo, starcraft…etc) that is now looking forward to Stargate Worlds, and will never give Blizzard another dollar.

    • Guest

      Kind of sounds like you don’t agree with the action on your account there. You probably should have disputed it.

    • disgruntled dwarf

      IM banned cause i called someobody a name no warning, no suspension,not an email or anything, just banned.I was only responding to a shot taken at me.Cmon i called the guy a fag cause he said i needed to go to ,”Man School”of course i tried to ignore him but couldnt due to blizzard only allowing so many.What is the language filter for i want to know please somebody tell me.How can a grown man be hurt by such a little work, and i looked through his guild low and behold a character named ,”Lilbasturd”.He opened up a ticket and got my account closed, after 5 years of playing and all the time i spent,(a lot of time).I called blizzard adminastration the guy says i got banned for using a bad word.Still no email response, he says he will open up a ticket for me.Did nothing now my account doesnt exist.Its not my fault i cant ignore more players due to gold spam and idiots talking about ridiculous crap that i have no need to listen too.His virgin ears cant turn on the bad word filter yet he can look in his guild everyday to see the name lilbasturd.On top of this, I ask the account adminastrator guy what about my warnings and suspensions i have had none of these in all my years of playing.He says well the the actions against people using bad language has not been updated there has been a policy change.This is ridiculous!!Listen to trade chat one night on a weekend day or night and you will hear waaayyyy worse crap.I wasted a lot of time and money and blizzard wants to take it away in one shot cause someone cried to them saying they were soooo hurt when i was simply defending myself.They need to rate this game for 5 year olds to play cause thats what they treat you like.I have no idea whether this guy is gay or not, its like a 3rd grade insult.Blizzard will let you run around half naked talking about anal crap but please everybody dont hurt nobodies feelings by defending somebody elses poke at you with one of your own.The GM for Turalyon is a complete fail.They say banning is rare thats a lie,they say you will get warnings, for me a total lie, suspensions none here thats a lie.I got their disciplinary policy right here in front of me, alll total lies.They through me in with the cheaters and scammers class.They still to this day going on 5 days later have not even had the decency to send me an email to tell me what i did wrong.Follow your own rules Blizzard, I want my account back so i can give it away to someone that wants to play cause I will never play or buy another blizzard or EA game for me or my kids the rest of my playing days.Good luck to anybody else in gettin your banned account back !!

  • Guest

    Dammm seems like this is a huge problem

    I have only been with wow for 2 weeks and just started to really get into it when all of a sudden last night i was dissconected from the server and when i tried to log back in i had a message to say my account had been closed i went to my E-mail in box and sure enough i had a e-mail in there that read..

    My account had been closed for Involvement in online trading activitis …wtf

    I have broken no rules in the ToS nor have i bought gold or had any dealings with any charecter buying or any thing i have started my account from scratch as a new member to the wow world and now my account has been closed for no reason what so ever i payed for the game from a game shop i even have a game card pr paid also and after 2 weeks my account has been closed i have called technical service and all they say is contact account admin witch is via e-mail only. there should be laws against this YES i understand baning when Rules are broken but really i have not broken any rules so the ban is very unjust and very random so almost £60 i have paid for online time and the game and yet there is nothing i can do about it seems like day light robery  a huge Scam by a huge gamming company Can they really get away with it Im gutted and bitter the joke is really on me THANK YOU BLIZZARD.



    • Guest

      same thing happened to me and my friend T.T

  • Disappointed

    Blizzard does need a phone number for it’s customers to speak with the Account Admin. It’s rediculous that they can hide behind keyboards and computer screens, not even talking to the people they are banning, OR answering their e-mails (as if they even read them). I had two accounts that got "suspended for 72 hours"… that was over a week ago. Let me make it clear that I do not and never have cheated or used thrid party programs. I have sent them numerous e-mails and still no response. Hmmmm, seems to me that 72 hours is less then a week and a half… am I doing my math wrong?

    • Dizzy

      WOW does have a phone number. I had to call it the other night because i tried to do a paid character transfer to another account and it would let me because my name on my first account was different than on my second account (I was recently married). The only way they would let me even modify the name on my first account to my new married name was by faxing in three forms of identification showing the legal name change. That’s why I’m not buying that someone “hacked” into someone’s account and changed the name online. There isn’t an option to change one’s name online…they’ll only let you change contact info, like address, phone number, etc.

      • Guest

        ^ exactly

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    Account lockouts and banning and pretty common actually in online gaming, it has happened to me once.

  • Very Confused

    I have recently gave in to buying a trial of World of Warcraft. I have dial-up for my internet connection and this update is REALLY getting me mad. I have read many freaking FAQ’s and nothing seems to help.  My blizzard downloader is going REALLY slow and I am getting tired of waiting for it to download while my phone bill goes up. I’m just wondering if ANYBODY has ANY solutions to this. PLEASE REPLY SOON!!!!


    • Guest

      why would you buy a trial of wow the trail is for free do you mean you bought a copy of only wow or what?

    • Guest

      You should not be playing this game on a dial up connection, period.

  • http://www.skintagsolution.com Skin Tag Removal

    I am not sure why this is important to know, user accounts get deleted by accident at online gaming sites all the time.

  • http://www.homeremedyhaven.com Home Remedies

    I have had accounts hacked and that message aappears when the accocunt has been changed recently too.

  • brian

    i woke up, got on, played for 5 hours, got of came back and im banned. i dont have to say much but thanks blizz, your a scam.

    • Guest

      My son and I did the free trial thing, then upgraded to the full version (via) on-line) no prob right. Well my sons account got hacked, They sold off all the stuff of his lvl 22 mage, then deleted it. I checked my account and ALL the info was wrong right down to my name. I went to check my sons acc. and the password was changed. we called Blizzard explaining the situation. they locked down BOTH accounts. No access what so ever. I call blizzard AGAIN and they told me I had to EMAIL the admins. so I did this and got nowhere.

      They said there was nothing they could do.


      Did I mention we had the full accounts for only THREE DAYS!!!!

      • Guest

        dude there is no way your telling the truth first off if your account was hacked its not possable to change contact information that is something that will allways be the same there is no possable way to change it blizzard will not change it for you no way it can be done also saying your sons account was hacked too hmmm well if any thing really even happened to your sons account and your account sounds like your son took everything and deleted his stuff to cover his a$$ NO one is interested in stealing and selling stuff of of a 22 mage trust me


        not trying to be an ass just pointing out random b/s about wow that cant be true and shouldnt be posted on forums for people read if its not true people are looking for truth on these forums and way to help there situations or just to let others know of there problems no reason to make stuff up and post on forums because your board or for any other reason :D


        now go ahead and delete this for me calling out b/s :D


        good times

        • Le Chifre

          exactly what he said, there is no way to change that information, so you should probably have a nice sit down with your kid.

          • Wowwizard

            Of course accounts can get hacked and do all of the time. Automated programs are making that much easier for gold farmers, alot less farming just to get into an account and take the gold someone else farmed.

            There has been a recent spree of hacking into accounts in several guilds that I’m in and has also happened to me and a few friends also. My best guess is that there is someone within Blizzard or a way into their servers that’s allowing hackers to get in. An yes, they do change your account information once they get in.

            Try sending your complaints to wowaccountadmin@blizzard.com and see if you ever get a human to respond. You are one of the few if you do. The GMs are much better, but still poor relative to the quality of service at a Chuck Cheese’s.

  • Guest

    wow guy  


    "So did it occur to you to check the WoW site and see if there was a phone number listed for live support. Took me less then 2 minutes to locate a number:

    Billing & Account Services
    Phone Support – 1 ( 800) 59-BLIZZARD
    Live Representatives Available Mon-Fri, 8am to 8pm PST
    here a link to that information (there are probably other places to find this as well):


    you must of thought of everything huh First off the problem with your statement is blizzard may have a phone number but they can only help you with in game problemes with any account related issues you have to contact blizzard account administration only way to do this is to email them at wowaccountadmin@blizzard.com so you go ahead and post your smart a$$ comments but your the only one who looks stupid also go search the site and tell me how fast you find a number for real account admin support or some sort of service for account issues other then ingame issues

    • Guest

      Billing issues and Technical support issues are not “in game” issues.

      Both Billing and Technical support are the ONLY numbers to call.

      All “in game” issues are handled by the GM department or the Account Administration department.

      So yeah, you’re wrong.

      Also, I would venture to guess the reason that they don’t have phones is because along with you calling about your hacked account, you’d have 3 million people calling every night about things that don’t require a phone support team.

      So do you want to be on hold for 14 hours while everyone else gets phone support for things that should be getting handled via e-mail or in game client support?

  • Guest

    Problem is that Blizzard doesn’t care. They were hugely popular before WoW, and now WoW nets $150,000,000+ per month. I will personally guarantee that every penny that ever went into developing and maintaining that game from 2004 to the present doesn’t equal that number. The graphics are less than mediocre, the gameplay is boring, and the settings are drab. Essentially, Blizzard have already made their paltry investment back, and even if the game died tomorrow they will have already made 10,000x profit, and we all know that won’t happen. A solid 3 out of every 4 WoW players is an addict. The kind that hasn’t logged out since November 2004, lives in his mother’s basement and smells like stale urine because he can’t be bothered to walk to the bathroom. Perhaps half of the remainder are Korean gold famers and botters. The remaining eigth of the game population are like most of you and myself: casual gamers with jobs and social lives that just like to sit back and relax after a busy day. Unfortunately, the first group ensures that 3/4 of Blizzard’s custom all but guaranteed to continue to pay for their fix. Why should it matter to Blizzard if they unjustly persecute a few hundred accounts every day? Perhaps half of those will just sign up new accounts, and the loss of the few who – like us – feel truly wronged by the faulty system, will ultimately cost Blizzard nothing relative to their profits. Therefore, Blizzard has no reason to care about their players. It’s hard to blame them. Setting an e-mail account to automatically send the same form letter to every last attempt at contact is much cheaper than paying five thousand Indians to look into something so relatively trivial. It’s poor business, but when your accounting department can honestly say that your subscription money from 2005 is still paying the bills, you aren’t exactly under any pressure to practice better business. Also, WoW’s EULA and ToS clearly state that Blizzard can terminate your service for any reason at any time period. Meaning that they aren’t obligated to bother providing support to banned accounts at all. Nifty, how that works, isn’t it?

  • Jamie

    SO my account go banned… haha.. go figure right? Ive been playing for 3 months… no problems.. then BOOM.. its gone. I stood outside at midnight just like millions of other people for the release of WOTLK and it looks like level 80 is never happening for me! I emailed and called and emailed some more… still no response. If I dont get one I do plan on making this a very OPEN thing.. even if its just a 2 min overview on my local news station I will take any Jab I can back at Blizzard. I wasted over 100$ just on the product, and 15 a month for the priveledge to play… y’no what.. most people would either say oh well, or just go buy a new set of disc’s and start over. NOT ME.. I am not going to give in, hell with the game but you create something that is so easily addicting to some people and expect that when a MISTAKE does happen that your not going to fix or resolve it? No.. not with me.. and I wont except any b/s excuse that somehow I am a hacker/goldfarmer/or used third party software… feel free to look at my shitty lvl 77 and my crappy 42 gp… and realize that IT WASNT ME. DOesnt take a rocket scientist…

  • Guest

    There are very rare cases in which a person really gets banned for doing nothing. Stop coming on here QQing about getting banned when we all know you were doing something wrong in the first place. Back in the days, pre BC i had a hunter and went on a roof top camping spree. I received 3 warning emails and continued to rooftop camp. My account was banned and it was because i failed to listen. Lets all be matture here and accept the fact that 9 out of 10 people bitching on this forum did something wrong in the first place. Crying about it on this forum isn’t going to bring your account back. So just tell the truth and lets all get a laugh out of it.

  • Guest

    I got my account keylogged by being stupid.
    I got a temp ban on the forums.
    I changed my password, but only a little bit.
    1 day after the forum ban was lifted I got my account closed.

    So what ever happened to

    • Guest

      @@ Update @@
      I am back online !
      Took a little longer than it should have because I have a US account and live in the UK. 8 hours time difference does slow things down!

    • Guest

      I hit the top of the penalty volcano with one bad word, and this was defending myself after someobody whispered me.I went from banned to an account that no longer exists been 4 days now still no response from anyone about anything.Try loosing 5 years of playing, very upset seems like blizzard just dont freakin care

  • Guest

    I got banned too. Given only a 3 day ban, but thats as bad as a permanent ban because they simply wont tell me what I did wrong.
    I will prolly do it again without knowledge because of that. They only said that I was sharing my account with an unauthorized person, but I never did such a thing. They prolly think I paid a leveling service or something like that because 4 days after I reactivated my account I had leveled from 70 to 75 and I guess that can only mean some chinese power leveler, by their logic…

    I am still trying to explain them that I did nothing wrong, but they already rechecked the issue (or so they say) and said again that someone unauthorized accessed my account.
    I even checked for any hacks on my computer, never noticed any gold or items missing or character being used in a different way (like being in a different place from where I logged off from). My password is also pretty secure.

    My account is 4 years old. Thats what I get for being loyal.

    Anyway I can convince them?
    I already thought about BBB.com.

  • Guest

    Just trying to see if anyone else has had this problem.
    I started school last August and with no time to play, after about 4 years of loyal gaming, I had to deactivate my account. I had checked it right before it went inactive and it was just as I had left it. I go back just last night to check it, thinking I might start playing again, and I find my password and email have been changed. I search my characters on the Armory and out of the 5 I searched, I can only find 3, 2 are stripped bare, and the 3rd is almost bare with a new spec to beast mastery.
    How someone can hack an account that isn’t even active is something I can’t figure out. My only guess is that someone at Blizzard has a little too much access to our private information. After talking to a few friends, they tell me they’ve heard of similar experiences. I’m waiting for a reply now, though I don’t expect one soon.

    • Guest

      Update! Got the account back, but have to wait on a ticket from a GM to get my stuff back and character transferred back to the right server. Its been “Escalated to a specialist.” so far.

  • Guest

    i’v had problems with blizzard
    i’v been permanently banned from the service just becaues i fallowed a link for free gold i did’nt know you wernt allowed to do that so i ring em up and they tell me nothing but only al have to wait for them to email me wat a fucked up planet AM INOCENT DAM YOU

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    How is this story important news? this kind of nonsense happens all of the time in the conservative areas of the world.

  • Guest

    Ya my account was hacked 10 days ago. And its been 8 days since I sent blizzard an e-mail, and in that time, my 80 was transfered servers, and all my other characters were delete. Their 7 days too late. If they have 10 million players, then they need to figure out how to keep their customer service staffed enough to help the customers sooner than later. I’ll be picking up Aion when it comes out. Not like it matters, but they just lost another customer

    <.< untill D3 comes out YES.

  • Guest

    First things first: this my-wow-account-got-hacked blizzard-stole-my-money blog is only scraping the surface off the tiniest drop of water from an entire ocean. People get hacked all the time. People get banned all the time.

    This needs to be established right off the bat: Blizzard is a legitimate and successful company. They’ve made the best RTS games this world has seen so far, they’ve made a successful, addictive and entertaining MMORPG (all you people here complaining about losing 7 dollars worth of subscription were evidentely so seduced by the game you are being torn apart because you can’t play at your leisure), but most importantly, they’ve made billions in profit. 11 million users pay 15 dollars per month to play. This yields 165 million dollars a month, and for what? To pay for maybe 10 or 20 thousand employees? To pay for the A/C to prevent the servers from melting?

    Put yourself in Blizzard’s shoes. What is your purpose? Are you in the business of losing money on software so that your customers can be happy? No. You’re in the business of making money of customers who are… well, you don’t give a —- how they feel, do you? People who work 8 hours a day, sleep 4, and play WoW 11 are addicts, yes, we all agree. So what? They’re making you money. Nerds who pay for 5 accounts, have an identical character on each, run 5 copies of WoW simultaneously, all wired into the same mouse and keyboard, making all 5 characters use the same abilities, move the same way, etc., what we call a 5-boxer? Annoying? Yes. Against the rules? Not per se. Makes Blizzard 75 dollars a month, versus 15 dollars a month? Yes.

    The people here complaining that Blizzard never gets around to answering their questions are part of a small group of individuals who require 100 times more attention than your average player, and who only yield about, oh, the exact, same, amount of money that a single average player does. You can pay a technician 20 dollars to deal with 1 person over the phone in one hour, or 20 dollars to deal with 10 people over e-mails in one hour. It’s all about the profits.

    Blizzard has determined probably the most profitable amount and quality of customer service. How many players do you think a SINGLE customer service agent can keep in the game? Let’s be reasonable. We’ve already determined that 90% of WoW players are either addicts or gold farmers. If they stop playing, they either find themselves with 10 hours of free time every day, with no friends to spend it on, or find themselves out of their only job / source of income. They’re not going to quit. For the other 10% of rational-minded players, very few are actually going to STOP playing the game if they don’t get an answer from customer service. Remember, like us, they’re being reasonable. But let’s actually figure this out. An agent is payed 30 dollars an hour (probably more). 240 dollars a week, 960 dollars a month. That’s the amount of money 64 players bring in. About 5 times more people than have complained here today. Probably 8 times more people than have actually written on this blog and ACTUALLY stopped playing.

    If a customer service agent spends nice agent-player quality time with each and every one of you, wiping your tears and giving you a lollypop, finally getting through the endless maze of bits and bytes and FINALLY saving your account, each and every one of you, unless he gets payed less-than-minimum wage, he’s losing the company money. Are they going to hire more people? No.

    Within the actual game, I’ve heard pretty much the same sort of comments that I’ve seen here today: “This game sucks. It has horrible graphics, crappy gameplay and drab (wtf?) settings.” You’re paying 15 dollars a month to play this. If it’s good enough for such refined and / or picky tastes, it MUST be good for the rest of us.

    If I were in charge of WoW, I’d invest lots of money into a new graphics engine (maybe 11 or 22 million dollars) and raise the price of subscription up from 15$/month to 16 or 17 dollars, and make several hundred millions in profit. What? You thought I’d gone soft and actually done a service for the people? Hah! Read the EULA. You’re paying 15$ a month to play WoW. Not to have your opinion heard by the big cheeses. Not to be worshipped. Not to be a god.

    I hope by the time you reach this part of my perhaps-a-bit-long response, you either skipped what I’ve said above but already know, or have read up to here and realised, that Blizzard Entertainment isn’t your big brother. They’re not holding your hand. They’re screwing you over. We can all agree. They’re making a FORTUNE over a pretty much self sufficient game. Like I said, paying for the A/C to keep the servers running at a decent speed, paying for the perfect amount of quality and quantity of gameplay and customer service isn’t all that much of a cost. They’ve made billions in profits over this, and it’s not a blog that I can’t even remember how I came across that’s going to change Blizzard Entertainment into Carebear Entertainment. If you don’t like the game, don’t pay for it and don’t play it. There’s always one person just letting their subscription run out, like I did, but there’s always two who are just starting to pay and play.

    And remember, it’s just a game. You’re not getting anything material out of it. There’s no point in this game that you can say is a year’s worth of progress. It’s the kind of game that if you’ve played for a year and you’re still making levelling progress, you don’t play well / often enough to enjoy the game to it’s potential. A year’s worth of playing shouldn’t be a year’s worth of experience points and items, but a year’s worth of fun. Just start your account over again and you’ll be back to the highest level of progress soon enough. Maybe you’ll even have fun playing the game while you get there…

    Who knew games were for fun?

  • steven phillips

    well I found out that my guild was running bot = glider and that sent me into horror so i left pissed off the guild becuase i told them that i jus find it lacking and i just told them off and now they are spaming gms that im trying to sell my account look people i spent hours i have 3 80’s rest are 60th lvl is my lowest these dumbasses reporting me for selling my account comon just because i work my ass off only running questhelper this is alot of work they want to ban my account. beware of tanaris server guild name SUASPONTE they are hacks and bot users watch out for minisick sickpuppy emeraldrain and guild leaders they are a lame guild players that thinks there gods gift to wow and because of there arrogance im going to get baned 80 pally 80 shammy 80 warrior bunch of 60s too this is two years that i lost thank you blizzard for taking the time to look at the big picture

  • Guest

    2 can play this game” close my account, 8 yrs playing, 1 gold buy, $1589 of my money to pay and play, and some, shmuck, hits a key and im gone”
    there mainframe is on a open network, im going to devote all of my resources, and exploit all those collage kids, that need a dime, to feed them self,s, to join my party, to send them a repeated, christmas gift,battle ping, and such, to help them spend my hard earned,$$ i/we gave them,,, trick or treat” silly rabbit, tricks are for kids, and there are 16 million more kids, waiting to wow the wow

    • wt heck?

      I have been hacked recently. Gold farmers I am sure… they are feeling the crunch of a bad economy (RL economy) just like we all are. LOL Stay off my account you fools! Took me a week to get the account back then I made sure I got it into Battlenet right away and I have an authenticator (cost’s $6) on the way. I have played WoW for over four years and I do not care about the game that much anymore but it’s the principle of the whole thing. I was not going to walk away and let them keep my account. When I got the account back, they had my mining skill from 0-450 (my toon is 450 engineering so mining is good) and ALL of my bags were loaded with their farming of crystallized fire’s and ore. Imagine this – all of raiding dps gear was still on the toon and my lower level toons had been cleaned out but still there. I was in NO guilds, so nothing was robbed from guild banks. So, they actually did me a FAVOR, I thought, until I get an email a week after I get my account back saying that my account had been banned for “exploiting the economy” in the game. I had deleted the toon they created, but I know Blizzard can see that. I emailed them back right away and sent documentation of the account being hacked. I am hoping all will turn out OK.

      any words of encouragement now would be good … anyone?

    • Guest

      if u get the name of the Turalyon GM or his email I want it.I got banned for calling a schmuck a bad word and he reported me.Now my account is closed and no one has the balls to respond to me at all.NOT ONCE, not a warning or anything ever in my 6 years and thousands of hours playing.

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