Chosen By FYI To Host Shows

    October 17, 2007

When showed up on For Your Imagination’s radar, it evidently looked like a rather appealing ally – the production company now intends to use as the primary host for its programming. has been in the news in connection with William Shatner, and our own David Utter covered a censorship controversy (which had nothing whatsoever to do with Mr. Shatner) about ten days later.  Yet the video-sharing site may be best known for its practice of sharing revenue with content creators, and there will, of course, be money at stake with this FYI development.

“With the new deal between FYI and blip, the network . . . gets exclusive sponsorship for the second season of ‘Break A Leg,’ running overlays and post-roll ads for ‘The Smart Show,’ a new web program being produced and underwritten by HBO\AOL, and Holiday Inn Express,” reports Kristen Nicole.  “Blip will also grant access to FYI show archives.  As has recently been added as a distributed channel through Sony Bravia, the deal with FYI should be good for the producers of the show and the execs behind”’s users could also benefit – the more attention the site gets, the more money might wind up in their pockets.

It’ll be interesting, then, to see how things progress.  Most of FYI’s shows aren’t exactly household names, but they’re also not complete nonentities.  A lot of people and important companies may be watching to see if they can achieve a successful run on