Blinkx Scores Partnership

    October 15, 2007

As a writer, I like words, and believe that writing has a place in nearly every situation imaginable.  Yet few people would be willing to “read” a sporting event, and so it’s rather noteworthy that Blinkx has become the power behind’s video search.

If you’re not a soccer fan, you may not have heard of  But the site’s big, boasting of versions for 16 different languages. also claims to reach over 210 countries, and since some experts say there are just 194 countries on earth, that’s really quite an achievement.

Blinkx is quite large, as well – by its own count, the video search engine has around 14 million hours of content in its index.  Together, I suspect the two companies will do all right, and Mashable’s Adam Ostrow might agree.

“Blinkx appears to be doing a good job of building their distribution network, with many content partnerships already under their belt,” he noted.  “With the company now also offering a way to monetize video through their AdHoc program, Blinkx should be poised for revenue growth as well.”

Indeed, perhaps it’s just out of politeness, but there wasn’t a word about money in the midst of all the usual corporate back-patting.