Blinkx Makes It To 14 Million Hours

    July 23, 2007

We last wrote about Blinkx seven days ago, and at that time, the company claimed its index contained a whopping 12 million hours’ worth of content.  Blinkx has now issued a release announcing its arrival at the 14 million-hour mark.

That’s quite impressive, implying a growth rate of 16.7 percent in that one week.  A leap was also made in terms of corporate affiliations; Blinkx went from “more than 150 partners” to “more than 200 partnerships” in the same timespan.  Granted, those descriptions overlap, but in the area of video content, it’s likely that Blinkx “fudged” its numbers a bit during that July 16 check-in.

I’m not going to fault the company for being modest, though – many corporations err in the other direction, and that’s much more annoying.  Blinkx even remains unpretentious while reciting its latest accomplishments.

“Following a successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange (AiM) in May, blinkx announced a global partnership with digital entertainment services company RealNetworks, in which blinkx powers video search for the new RealPlayer 11,” a release states.  “In recent months, the company also announced technology partnerships with search leader and with Lycos MIX, a platform that lets users create video playlists.

“In addition, blinkx continues to be recognized for its technology and momentum. selected as one of the 50 Best Websites for 2007 and Business XL Magazine recently named the company ‘Rising Star of the Year.’”

Just the facts – that’s what we like.  And 14 million hours of content isn’t bad, either.