Blinkx Makes Friends With Vibe Solutions Group

    July 16, 2007

Blinkx keeps getting bigger, and the video search engine has just won a new partner – Vibe Solutions Group – that continues the trend.  Vibe will add Pyro.TV to Blinkx’s searchable index.

Pyro.TV is being touted as “a revolutionary Internet TV channel service,” and “blinkx users will be able to search for and have access to thousands of video channels on Pyro.TV, ranging from mainstream broadcast programming to niche channels,” according to an official press release.

A brief glance at Pyro.TV reveals a comforting lack of flame motifs; otherwise, the emphasis tends to fall on those aforementioned channels.  There’s also a note that Pyro.TV is currently just a “public beta version 2,” so whatever value Blinkx is getting out of this partnership could increase with the next update.

Yet Suranga Chandratillake, Blinkx’s founder and CEO, seems pleased enough with the current situation.  “By adding Pyro.TV to our index, we’re furthering our commitment to creating the most extensive collection of searchable online content,” he said in a statement.

Chandratillake then mentioned the magic number that’s come to be associated with Blinkx: “We currently have 12 million hours of searchable audio, video, viral and TV content.”

That’s not bad, and neither is the list of over 150 partners that Blinkx has engaged.  Vibe Solutions Group and Pyro.TV may not have quite the name recognition as, say,, but they still represent an important contribution to Blinkx’s ever-increasing index.