Blinkx, Joost Develop Deal With

    July 26, 2007

For you Tour de France fans – you fans whose favorite cyclists haven’t been booted for lying or doping, that is – there’s good news: just made distribution deals with Blinkx and Joost.  But the arrangement is really intended to draw in those of you who aren’t fans.

“In a bid to reach a new audience outside of the biking community, the partnerships will see cycling and biking content, such as professional cycling and’s own programmes, distributed through both of the channels,” reports the NMA.

This announcement comes just a week or so after Floyd Landis spoke at the Googleplex, and just days after Blinkx announced that its index now contains 14 million hours of content.  A National Lampoon channel recently launched on Joost, as well – it seems like all three companies (or “subjects,” in regards to Landis and are keeping themselves in the news.

And should do a good job of keeping people up to date on the latest biking news.  “ streams live cycling and video on demand every day of the year and recently showed highlights of Tour de France,” according to the NMA.

But beware: as your humble author found out, and a Wikipedia page confirms, “The site requires ActiveX controls for much of its content, making most of the site non-viewable on non-Microsoft browsers.”

That’s not so great.  On the other hand, it makes’s deals with Blinkx and Joost all the more important.