Bless Me Father For I Have Blogged

    October 30, 2005

With 16 years of Catholic school under my belt, I HAD to post on this news of the church crossing into state and infringing on the First Amendment.

The AP tells us that a N.J.-based Roman Catholic high school, Pope John XXIII Regional, has instructed students “to remove to remove their online diaries from the Internet, citing a threat from cyberpredators,” or risk suspension.

That should work. Push kids into a corner and tell them not to do something extremely popular during one of the more rebellious periods of their lives.
Kurt Opsahl of the Electronic Frontier Foundation nails it: “It would be better if they taught students what they should and shouldn’t do online rather than take away the primary communication tool of their generation.”

I sent Father Roderick Vonhgen an email for his opinion on this poor decision/over reaction. Father Vonhgen hosts the popular “GodcastCatholic Insider. I’ll update you on his response. Until then, just ask yourself: What would Jesus blog?

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