Blake Lively Shares How Her Family Saves Money On Christmas Gifts


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Blake Lively may not have to worry about saving money, but who’s to say she still doesn’t want to. She recently talked about her childhood and what Christmas was like with her family.

She also shared how her family saves money around the Holidays by waiting until after Christmas to shop for gifts so they get better prices and can take advantage of sales.

“My family … we love wrapping presents,” Lively told the audience at Martha Stewart’s recent "American Made" summit. “It takes us so many days to wrap presents that we then don’t want to unwrap them because they’re too beautiful.” It usually takes them until after Christmas to actually open them, she said.

“(But) now my family doesn’t even buy presents until after-Christmas sales,” she said. “Why buy presents when they’re expensive before Christmas?”

Lively said that her family’s financial choices also influence her own. Lively is expecting her first child and recently started her own website, Preserve.

The website is a place where Lively shares her favorite artisan products and the stories behind them.

She said that she hopes her career change was the right choice and feels like so far it has been.

“There’s something instinctive where you want to protect your family,” Lively said. “Acting is … very much in the hands of other people. So, while I loved that profession, it also always scared me from the time I entered it because I always knew how much I wanted to be a mother.
“I want to create my own career ... for myself, but also for my family," she added.

What do you think of Blake's family's frugal ways and how do you save money around the holidays?