Blair’s Opposition Seeks MG Rover Investigation

    April 16, 2005

The political opposition of Tony Blair is seeking an investigation into the fall of MG Rover.

Thousands of the company’s workers have gotten redundancy notices with a general election coming up in less than three weeks.

According to a Reuters article,

“Another 20,000 jobs are at risk at suppliers and dealers.

The government has offered 150 million pounds ($283 million) for workers’ redundancy and retraining as it tries to limit the political fallout ahead of May 5’s election which Blair is expected to win, albeit with a slashed majority.

The West Midlands, home to Rover’s Longbridge plant and many suppliers, is a key election battleground and Labour could lose several constituencies with slim majorities.”

Last week MG Rover halted production after a rescue deal with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp fell through.

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