Black Sabbath: New DVD and Guitarist Alive and Well

    November 30, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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Today’s Lesson: Tell your rocker friends immediately to never make a “Get Well” song about you.

Black Sabbath, the English rock band led by Ozzy Osbourne, have been thrashing since 1968. After a long hiatus, they released Live…Gathered in Their Masses this year on November 26th to great reception.

This recent release follows up their comeback studio album entitled 13. Beyond it being Black Sabbath’s first album since 1995, one of the most interesting facts about this album involves a song that didn’t even make 13 at all.

During the Black Sabbath’s reunion, guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma. Bassist Geezer Butler was inspired by the bad news to write a song entitled Hanging by a Thread. He recently told Revolver magazine that the song was,”very much about dying, about giving your last breath and passing your spirit on.”

Which could be seen as a compassionate and moving gesture– except that Tony Iommi is alive and well at least a year later after the song was penned.

Black Sabbath has had an excellent (and death-free, thankfully) year with a number one album in numerous countries and a Living Legend award at the Classic Rock awards. The Live…Gathered in their Masses DVD is receiving rave reviews such as these,

and we wish Tony Iommi the best on his current fight. Looking forward to what the future holds for Black Sabbath.

[image: Youtube]
  • Doctor Rocker

    Ah, Sabbath, sweet, sweet Sabbath! Great news here about the upcoming CD and Tony Iommi’s health. So happy to hear the master is recovering and doing well. Warm wishes to Geezer, Bill, and Ozzy, too, by the way. You guys have always rocked us the way we need to be rocked! Hopefully, Bill Ward will be up for joining the band on the next CD and tour! And when you tour again, don’t, please don’t, please please don’t give your prime opening slot to that crummy DJ again, guys. Really, this is an opportunity for all the up and coming bands out there to show the world what they’ve got! What could possibly be better than opening a show for the mighty Black Sabbath? I know DOCTOR ROCKER would love that slot to death! I’d rock their friggin’ heads off!!!! Skip the DJ next time! I want to see a live show from beginning to end, thanks. You guys are awesome and then some!!!! All the best, DOCTOR ROCKER