Black Friday Online Sales Better Than Anticipated

    November 30, 2008

After numerous online retailers predicted dismal sales on Black Friday, it looks like their nervousness may have been a bit premature.

Both eBay and Amazon saw consumer turnout higher than expected, most of which was searching for electronics of course. Reuters is reporting that the most searched for product on eBay was the Nintendo Wii, which 3,171 were sold on the site.

Top selling online items - Black Friday 2008

Amazon saw the Apple iPod touch become the best selling electronic item on Friday morning, closely followed by the Canon Powershot camera. The Nintendo Wii console and WiiFit took top ranking for the video game genre, and the LeapFrog Tag Reading System was the best overall selling toy.

One trend is quickly emerging this Holiday season, people want the best deal… and they’re not afraid to shop around. With the worst economic crisis in most of our life spans upon us, we’re seeing consumers keeping their wallets and purses a little closer to the body.