Black Friday 2013: How Bad Did It Get?


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Black Friday 2013 has come and gone and so have the deals. As always, Black Friday was an eventful day in many parts of the country. Every year there seems to be more and more fights, injuries and sometimes even deaths. Even though many stores have changed their deal times and tried to make shopping safe for all of their customers, accidents still happen.

Many people have sworn off Black Friday shopping. This year, Black Friday brought a slew of fights, shootings, stabbings and arrests. Most of these things are brought on by angry shoppers that want to get at least one of a limited amount of discounted items. Stores like Walmart and Best Buy advertise items such as iPads and televisions at low prices, but only have a few in stock.

Several people were trampled at a Walmart in Utah where people were rushing to get tablets that were priced at $50. A fight in the parking lot of a Walmart in Virginia resulted in a man being stabbed. Even the store employees have a hard time controlling their tempers during this busy shopping day. A manager at a New Jersey Walmart got in a fight with a customer, which led to the police using pepper spray on the man.

One of the worst Black Friday happenings seems to be the shoplifting incident at a Kohls in Chicago. Two men allegedly attempted to shoplift from the store when they were stopped by two police officers. One shoplifter closed a police officers arm in the door of a car and dragged him several yards across the parking lot. The other police officer was able to shoot the driver of the vehicle in the arm, causing him to stop the vehicle. Nobody involved in the incident received life-threatening injuries.

Do you think Black Friday 2013 was more eventful than past Black Fridays? What's your most dramatic Black Friday moment?

Image from Wikimedia Commons.