Stone Makes “Several Billion Tweets Per Hour” Prediction

By: Doug Caverly - December 28, 2009

To some degree, it’s part of a cofounder’s job to act as a corporate cheerleader; a pessimist could hurt his company by scaring people away.  Biz Stone appears to have all but literally grabbed a megaphone and shouted "rah, rah," though, as he predicted that Twitter usage will hit monster levels next year.

Biz StoneA 600-word document written by Stone appeared in the Times Online yesterday, and in it, Stone talked a lot about Twitter’s role in the Iranian protests.  He also stressed its importance as a "real-time information network" rather than a site for people to just make friends or talk about their day.

Then Stone shared a couple of predictions.  He wrote, "In the new year, Twitter will begin supporting a billion search queries a day.  We will be delivering several billion tweets per hour to users around the world."

Kim Mai-Cutler responded, "Several billion tweets an hour is astronomical if you consider that there have been roughly 7 billion tweets total so far over the company’s three year history.  The number is also an order of magnitude higher than the estimated 27 million tweets a day Twitter supported last month, according to a study from Pingdom."

And it’s hard not to remember that Twitter’s growth rate hasn’t been stellar in recent months.

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.  As always, we’ll see what happens.

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  • Koh Lanta

    Billions of tweets per hour and I wonder just how many of them will be relevant to what I want. More tweets, more noise, more rubbish, more people leave the site.

    I tried it searhing twitter during a few events, the live results were full of repeats of links to proper news sites, hotel and holiday spamy and people who just woke up and decided to tell the world what had happened in the last 24 hours (incase anybody missed it). The actual real information from on the spot was nonexistant.

    Maybe I`m not just getting it.

  • Guest

    I honestly gave Twitter a try for a month, but it’s not for me. It’s just boring and mostly useful for those who just like to talk and talk about themselves.

  • Guest

    Twitter is a fad and the fad is slowly starting to fade

  • Max

    “We will be delivering several billion tweets per hour to users around the world.” This probably does not mean there will be “several billion [unique] tweets per hour” posted by Twitter users.

    It was recently announced that Twitter will open it’s “firehose” to all developers. Currently the firehose is running somewhere in the 1.2 million tweets/hour range. Multiply that by a few hundred or even a thousand apps consuming the firehose, and you have your billions of tweets. Combine that with the current tweet distribution and it’s not hard to see the several billion Biz mentioned.

  • Bo

    Twitter is looking for the tipping point in live interaction with people and events. At some point, folks will get tired of talking about themselves and they are left to tweet about nothing. If folks can get over that hump and start tweeting about the life around them, the events around them, and what is happening in their area and the world, then Twitter will become an ultimate resource for real time search.

    Keyword there is ‘IF’

  • Jimisan

    I’ve heard lots of great things about Twitter but I still don’t get the gist of it. It’s full of spams, spams, spams….everybody taking about their products and so forth. Maybe, I guess it’s a good tool for gossiping about the rich and famous.

  • Guest

    Twitter has its bizzaro equal in Twatter. Yes we are bored with people telling us about their products or how much gell they’ve put in their hair this morning, their coffee wasn.t hot enough or to hot……. I tried it for a few months and a fad is a fad…. Hopefully something will come good from it but the “cult of me” thinking in the world just seems to be encouraged by these types of sites. Twitter about yourself too much and its like one of those old radios blaring in the background of a carnival or fair….