Bitstrips App: Awesome or Annoying?

    October 24, 2013
    Erika Watts
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We’ve seen quite a few Facebook fads over the years. Most Facebook users surely remember how popular the What People Think I Do and SomeEcards trends were (and still are, especially if you’re over 25). Now people have found another way to channel their sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness: the Bitstrips app.

If you aren’t quite sure what that is yet, scroll through a dozen or so updates in your Facebook feed and look for a post that looks something like this:

That is what a Bitstrips comic looks like, and Bitstrips have become insanely popular lately. While the Bitstrips website has been around for years, it has really taken off since launching apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play this week. The Bitstrips website already has 11 million unique users.

Bitstrips’ CEO Jacob Blackstock offers up a pretty basic description of the app. “It’s an app that turns you and your friends into a cast of cartoon characters,” said Blackstock. “Then you can take those characters and put them into crazy scenes.” After you create an improved version of yourself (or “avatar”), you can pick from hundreds of situations to insert the avatar in and add your own captions:

Amazingly enough, The Toronto based company has gotten this successful without doing any advertising. “We’ve done zero advertising, and our acquisition cost so far has been nothing,” Shahan Panth, the marketing VP for Bitstrips, said. “We attribute it to striking a chord with people and providing a visual element to online communication that has been missing.”

To show just how popular Bitstrips has become, Bitstrips was the top free app in the iPhone App Store this week.

1. “Bitstrips”, Bitstrips

2. “Deer Hunter 2014″, Glu Games Inc.

3. “Batman: Arkham Origins”, Warner Bros.

4. “Free Ringtones for iOS 7″, Apalon

5. “Asphalt 8: Airborne”, Gameloft

6. “YouTube”, Google, Inc.

7. “CSR Classics”, NaturalMotion

8. “Facebook”, Facebook, Inc.

9. “Candy Crush Saga”, King.com Limited

10. “Snapchat”, Snapchat, Inc.

Ready to make your own Bitstrips comic now? Get started on the Bitstrips website or on Facebook. You can also download the Bitstrips app using the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Droid device. Now you’re all set to waste some time, show off your wit and annoy your friends.

What do you think of Bitstrips? Comment below. Some folks are highly annoyed with the flood of Bitstrips comics they’re seeing in their Facebook feeds:

Images via YouTube and Bitstrips

  • Jackie

    This app is annoying. My FB news feed is bombarded with this crap and it’s annoying the sh*t out of me. I’ve told everyone (as a group) that they need to stop that crap. Exactly what it is…a fad. Just like the “Go home___, you’re drunk” or the Harlem Shake. Just stop now!!

    • Dee


    • laura

      your brain is annoying … your complaining about an app that brings joy to others and you dont find it funny so you cant relate.
      more things to complain about then your first world facebook problems go jump off a bridge.

      • A

        See how it’s only women defending this stupid shit. I don’t mind the app being created but I don’t use it. It’s funny how defensive people get knowing damn well it’s stupid as can be. Kind of like women who wreck a vehicle but claim they are just as good of drivers. Sure, next time you drive take a look and tally every time you see someone driving doing something wrong. At least 80 percent of the time it’s a dumb bitch

        • devon

          Really I ain’t no dumb Bitch I’d appreciate if you take that back because men are not to brilliant themselfs. I think Atleast 80 percent of the time its a dumbass guy. Thanks much.

          • Really?

            Oh Devon. You claim to not be a dumb b**** and then proceed to use the wrong version of “too” and spell “themselves” wrong.

            Also, it’s “at least”. Two words, not one.

            Your attempt to insult others just displayed how illiterate you are.

          • dtaswaserl

            Devon got owned!!!

            (Dumb bitch)

        • Sam

          Too much irrevelance in your comment with sexism to boot. Also, men are more likely to cause car accidents according to most statistics.

        • Cazzy

          wow and that is not sexist at all?

        • Kel

          No… I’m a woman and I find the app incredibly stupid, along with posts of song lyrics or quotes with people trying to sound insightful. What’s really stupid is your generalization of about half the world’s population.

    • JJ

      what a whiner! just scroll thru or hide it. I’m sure everyone loves all your statuses. move on.

  • George

    All you have to do is click that little down pointing arrow next to the Bitstrip post, select hide or ignore all (Don’t remember exactly which it is) from Bitstrip, and it will all magically disappear from your feed. Simple as that.

    • Sephia

      Exactly, George.
      Seems some people still forget they can filter out shit they don’t want to see, but would much rather complain about it.
      I have the Bitstrip app because I liked my friend’s comics. But I made mine ONLY visible to ME.

    • G

      No kidding.. Nobody is forcing people to look at it or do it. Some need to take a chill pill and relax, have a sense of humor as well.

      • M

        I agree hide it. However even if you do hide it, if one of your friends comments on a bitstrip you will still see it even if it is hidden.

  • rick cosmo

    facebook? iphone? texting? please,I draw the line with invasive crappola..look at how many people when out in public are interacting with devices, not people

    • Mitch

      Rick… tell me the last time you remember when someone interacted with you? I was around pre-network world and it wasnt all everyone says it was. Sure there are things that are annoying about ppl stuck in there phones 24/7 … but it only hinders the interaction when you are doing it with a group of friends not when you are by ure self minding ure own business; be it on the commute home, out for lunch etc etc … Im tired of all these technology naysayers…

  • Karen Roberts

    I liked this app at first but then it kept locking my phone up. (GalaxyS ) I had to take my battery out of my phone each time I tried to use the app . sooooooooo now Im very dissapointed with it .
    I uninstalled and then reinstalled it . After all that it was worse than it had been .I want my account deleted ASAP !
    If the bugs are fixed then I will consider reinstalling it because it could be a pretty cool app to have if it would work right .

  • Heather

    IF you don’t like the app then you can choose to ignore it on your Facebook feed. Simple as that. But don’t get mad at the people that like it and want to continue using it.

  • jennifer dean

    This app is absolutely annoying, and I get tired of seeing them in my news feed of facebook!
    I just hit the hide button in the news feed!

  • matt

    Bitstrips isn’t annoying, what is annoying is putting a loud advertisement and video at the BOTTOM of an article on your web page…

  • amber

    It would be nice if hitting the “hide all” button actually HID them. I’ve “hidden all” at least 10 times now and I still see them all over my newsfeed. I get that people like to feel witty or clever, but seriously, after you’ve posted the 26895324788th cartoon for the day, its no longer funny.

    • Ashley

      Agreed. People who say “all you have to do is hide them” clearly don’t have a problem with them. I tried the “hide” feature and I’m still seeing it. As someone else said “you aren’t as funny as you think you are”.

  • Charlid

    If you don’t like seeing this on your feed, unfriend the people using the app or close your FaceBook account. Why cry about it? *handing out tissues*

  • Charlid

    If you don’t like seeing this on your feed, unfriend the people using the app or close your FaceBook account. Why cry about it? *handing out tissues*

  • Rusty Shakleford

    Instant unfriending to anyone on my newfeed
    Its a waste of my data to load these useless pictures

  • Alex

    I have nothing against people who use it, but I hate it! My phone always crashes when I try to go into it!

  • Kehmet

    Its always crashing or going out of service. Another ill prepared website.

  • Sequoia

    I think what’s more annoying than new Facebook trends is seeing all the complaints about people who find them so annoying.

  • People suck

    Simpletons…. This app is a choice if you like it use it if you don’t go into your settings and block it. Quit your damn crying already.

  • Yay!

    Sexism is cool! You go, mate! Continue being an awesome human being.

  • William

    I enjoy bitstrips. If I have to have endure all these religious posts junking up my newsfeed. Then I am going to bitstrip even more. They need to make it a way that they can be posted into groups and not just on your profile