Bite2Eat.com Offers One-Stop Restaurant Directory

Now if they could just get restaurants to participate...

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A good idea at the right time or another startup launched into Internet obscurity? You can be the judge of that, but as a human who eats, I like the idea of Bite2Eat.com.

For example, I can bring up a nice, extensive list of restaurants in the Lexington area, complete with addresses and phone numbers. And that’s useful enough, a quick and easy restaurant directory.
Bite2Eat.com Offers One-Stop Restaurant Directory
The full, intended functionality, though, isn’t quite there yet. But hey, things move more slowly my neck of the woods; if it doesn’t involve basketball, ponies, or bourbon, it might take a little before we notice.

Ideally, according to the founders, is when I pull up Puccini’s Smiling Teeth, located over in the Chevy Chase area, there should be a menu and a way to order carryout or delivery. There should be a social networking aspect to it, too, where my Bite2Eat Buddies can add to/pitch-in on that order.

And that sounds really swell, except it doesn’t appear even Puccini’s Smiling Teeth (or any other restaurants listed) knows about the site yet, or hasn’t signed on to the business aspect—Bite2Eat earns commission for every order the company faxes them.

But, as in his statement at URLWire, CEO Jay Bailey thinks Puccini’s should be interested. Beyond the “pay-for-performance” costs, Bite2Eat offers a way for the restaurant to get free marketing and to lower other (technology) costs.

"Restaurant owners have to focus on food quality, preparation and sales – they don’t want to spend the time or money figuring out how to manage getting orders on-line," explained CEO Jay Bailey. "We make it painless to offer customers on-line menus – with no startup costs or ongoing fees – for absolutely any restaurant that takes delivery or pickup orders.

With any luck, from a guy with a wife at home with a newborn, local establishments will get on board just to make my sudden carryout/delivery life that much easier. 

Bite2Eat.com Offers One-Stop Restaurant Directory
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  • http://www.bite2eat.com Jay Bailey

    Hi Jason — this is Jay Bailey. www.Bite2Eat.com is indeed currently serving as a restaurant directory for a very short while. As you can imagine, it’s much easier to sign up restaurants once there is something for them to see. We’ve already have a list of restaurants on board and being processed, and will be ramping up the outreach in the coming months (I promise to call Puccini’s Smiling Teeth personally!). As you noted, there’s no signup fee or monthly fee, so it’s an easy arrangement to accept for a restaurant. We’ve got some really exciting “social” components on the way.

    We have a page on the site (the link is in the footer) called Spread the Word. If you have any area eateries who you think you’d appreciate ordering from on-line, we’d be delighted if you’d print out the 1-page PDF and bring it to them next time you drop the the restaurant. Hearing from a loyal customer makes it even simpler to understand the value.

    We’ll keep you updated as we progress with Bite2Eat.com and make life with the newborn even easier for you!

  • http://www.atfood.com restaurant directory

    I’ve been at it for years, The hardest part is the restaurants participation.

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