Birth on Lawn: Clinic Denies Woman, She Gives Birth on their Lawn [GRAPHIC]

By: Erika Watts - October 11, 2013

Women sometimes give birth in strange places. After labor begins, it can be a matter of minutes before the baby is delivered. And once that ball gets rolling, it usually isn’t going to slow down without medical help, which leads to babies sometimes being born in public places.

Only in this situation, the mom in labor wasn’t en route to the hospital, having labor pains in the back of a taxi, nor was she stuck in traffic. Instead, she was on the lawn of a medical clinic. No, she didn’t just miss getting inside–instead, she was there because the medical clinic turned her away.

Irma Lopez, a mom of three, said that she was turned away from the Rural Health Center in Oaxaca, Mexico on October 2 because a nurse said that she wasn’t ready. Lopez was only eight months pregnant, but was fully dilated. The nurse told Lopez and her husband to come back in the morning and a doctor would check on her.

Having no other options, Lopez and her husband remained on the lawn of the clinic, where the woman’s water broke and she went through labor and delivery. Bystanders caught pictures of the delivery, which show Lopez squatting over the ground as her baby is coming out, still attached to the umbilical cord. Lopez was alone during the delivery because her husband was trying to get a nurse to call for help.

“I didn’t want to deliver like this. It was so ugly and with so much pain,” Lopez said. Lopez said that she and her husband walked to the medical clinic in the dark, which took them an hour. The mom who lives in a one-bedroom hut in the mountains said that it would have taken even longer to get to a highway and a hospital.

The nurses at the clinic have blamed the incident on a language barrier and said that Lopez didn’t understand that they were understaffed at the moment.

As bad as this sounds, Lopez isn’t the only woman to give birth outside the same clinic this year. Another woman gave birth on their lawn in July. According to Mexico’s census, one in five women in Oaxaca give birth somewhere other than a hospital or clinic.

‘The photo is giving visibility to a wider structural problem that occurs within indigenous communities: Women are not receiving proper care. They are not being offered quality health services, not even a humane treatment,’ said Mayra Morales, Oaxaca’s representative for the national Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

The Rural Health Center of the village of San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz in Oaxaca is being investigated and the health center’s director, Dr. Adrian Cruz, has been suspended for the time being.

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  • In this World

    In this world, there are the haves and have nots. It is really a shame. Some people have everything and some people have nothing. Funny thing is well all live for 80 years and die. We can’t take anything with us. We should all just focus on making the world a better place and not on making money.

    Capitalism is good for making people rich. However, it is not good for advancing a species. None of this stuff belongs to us anyway. It all belongs to God and we should be using it to help people. God wasn’t dumb. He gave us everything we need to make sure all people have good lives…. we just choose not to do it.

    • http://WebProNews Sue

      does that start with the highest levels of our land?

      • In this World

        Yes it does. They are actually a big part of the problem. Do you wonder why things never change for the better? It is because when change happens, the people who are making vasts amount of money are in danger of losing that.

        That is the real fear of the government. Why do you think there is a DOMESTIC spying program? It is because most governments are removed by the people within a country. Not because of terrorism. The government is more worried about the American people than they are terrorists.

    • Denise

      you said it all this I the shame of it all turning away because of her race and her as a person just looking for some help having a babe not a walk on the lawn to speak of come on get it together people or we are all going to die that now how we should be help is not a hard word to say or do.

  • former labor and delivery nurse

    unfortunate situation, however, I have seen other cases where patient was not ready to deliver, then within a few contractions she was ready to deliver. we don’t have the facts. also an eight month pregnant women walking all night in premature labor speaks to another problem, that is a poor country not taking care of its citizens or educating its citizens that can’t communicate with caregivers. I would guess this woman was undernourished resulting in a small (and premature) baby, possibly not her first delivery(expect a more rapid labor), and individual differences making her more prone to rapid labor. it is sometimes very difficult to tell if a women is in labor or not. walking to delivery help was always her plan? no other transporation from family, friends or neighbors? basically we don’t know the facts!

    • In this World

      Please. She need help and didn’t get it. That is the fact.

  • Carol Rak

    This is America’s future.

    • anita

      How, this isn’t even in America…. they live in the mountains in mexico…

    • Perspective

      I wonder if Mexico would have been better off with the vast oil fields of Texas. Probably so. Wait, didn’t we take those fields from them? It is amazing how many things we have taken from people and how those people have suffered ever since.

      We are hypocrites in this nation.

      • Erica

        and had we given them their oil fields we would be living like them. If you want to live like a third world country, go move to one instead of ragging on your nation.

        • @Erica

          Look at what you just wrote: if we would have given them their oil fields.

          They weren’t ours to give!! They were never ours.

          That is American morality though. It is very selective.

          That is a typical American response. If you don’t like what we do, leave. That is all people can say when presented with the facts. They have no rational response. They just say leave. No wonder our country is falling apart.

        • @Erica

          Yeah Erica!!! Good for you!!! You go girl!!!! If you can’t do anything right, just steal!! What a lesson for all of us.

          Teach that to your kids. Hey, if they can’t earn their car, just teach them to take someone elses!!!

          Such is the American way.

  • http://Yahoo unavailable

    Really? Just absolute crazyness. What has the world and or our economy come to that a hospital is not staffed enough to take care of a pregnant wowmen? How screwed up are we?

    • Wendy

      This was in Mexico, not the U.S.

      • @Wendy

        Same difference really. The United States stole a lot of land from Mexico. Land and natural resources that could have totally changed the fate of that nation.

        How do you think we live so well here? How do you think Walmart is able to give you such low prices? Because somewhere in this world there is a person making 25 cents a day to make those items.

        We are all responsible for poverty in this world. In some way, shape or form, we are all responsible.

        • Douglas Hooper

          Wendy needs to get a life, quit blaming the U.S. for all the problems in the rest of the world, ESPECIALLY Mexico. Mexico is one of the richest countries in the world, but it is controlled by corruption, graft, and greed. The people there could be very prosperous if it were not for the above mentioned problems that permeate the ruling class. NO – “We” are NOT all responsible. However, “We” are responsible for the atrocities presently going on within our own country by the ruling elite of both major political parties which work in cahoots with each other to control the masses through obstructive laws, and regulations.
          KJV Hosea 4:6 “…my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” There is a cure for ignorance. It’s called “study”.

          • Really?

            Douglas, we are responsible for a lot of the suffering in this world. We are a war machine. We are the only nation in the world that is in a perpetual state of war.

            By the way, God will not care if you or I are an American. It is meaningless to him.

          • Fred

            I am amazed at the level of geography knowledge so many of you are displaying. USA and Mexico are entirely two different countries. President Obama had nothing to do what happened in Mexico. Or is it that you IDIOTS hate President Obama so much, that he is the blame for every negative action on the North American continent?

  • ashley

    a lawsuit waiting to happen

  • http://aol edwin roberts

    this is what america is coming to,
    so get used to it,
    the government we have is TRASH,
    start with 2013 non-partism elections,
    replace everyone,
    put some new blood in,WE NEED CHANGE,

    • rayna

      It clearly says this happened in Oaxaca Mexico. This has nothing to do with the USA.

    • http://AOL SANDRA


  • http://Yahoo Janet

    Yes this or could be the next move on health care in the United States. It just seems that all of us are being thrown in to deeper poverty and humiliation. I am so sorry for the lady and her baby. What a way to begin a new life for both mommy and baby.

  • J Brown

    I’m sure they were understaffed and turned away a woman who was in labor while they tended to a clinic full of people with mild colds trying to seek free tylenol or motrin. What happened to emergency situations coming first instead of first come first serve?

    • Sue

      You think people go places to get free Tylenol or Motrin? Really?????

  • K K

    I sure hope these bystanders snapping pictures thought to help this poor woman and newborn.

  • Kim Clark

    This must be the vision Ted Cruz has for American Healthcare. Lock out the poor.

    • DONNA


      • LC

        Nothing to do with Obamacare…this was in MEXICO!

        • http://AOL SANDRA


      • Joan

        The Affordable Health Care Act would try to prevent things like this from occurring within the US. You should educate yourself about “obamacare” and not believe all the crazy talk.

      • mariposa41

        Obamacare is adding things to be covered not taking away,

  • Sue

    Oh how nice, she crouched down and showed her vagina to the world. I’m sure she’s going to get a nice hefty lawsuit out of this. That way she can crank out more rugrats.

    • LC

      You are ridiculous

    • marta

      Gee, maybe if the staff at the clinic had taken her seriously, and treated her with diginity and compassion, she wouldn’t have to give birth publicly, and in case you haven’t realized this, covering her vagina isn’t an option when giving birth vaginally! I cannot believe some of the ignorant, insensitive, comments I am reading.

    • Elizabeth

      You are incredibly stupid SUE!!!! You should be ashamed of what you comment. Might as well not comment at all. Bet you wont say shit like this in public,or you’ll get your ass beat DUMASS!!!!

  • jazzguru

    I wonder if the clinic charged her “green fees”?

  • Sherri

    Perhaps they should stop reproducing if they are not able to afford to have children!! They will be headed across the border looking for US handouts!

    • Alice

      This has to be one of the most ignorant statements…

    • @Sherri

      Perhaps people should stop reproducing here in the United States because judging by your comment, we have an epidemic of morons in this nation.

      Comments like that are similar to the ones made during the civil war about slaves. In all actuality, people like you are the drag on society because you have no idea about compassion for your fellow man.

    • LM

      Please tell me where in the article did it say anything about her not being able to afford to care for the children she has. I believe I missed that part. It’s people like you that we need to ship off to Mexico so you can see how horribly some of them have to live. And for no fault of their own in many cases. There is nothing wrong with people, from any country, wanting to come to the US and try to have a better life than what is offered to them at home. Open your heart a little.

      • Desiree’

        Very well said,

      • victoria

        that is so true. unlike the other immigrants who come to the u.s. to bomb us

    • Fred

      Here we go again, another un informed right wing idiot. Maybe your parents should have stopped before they had you. Please think before you make any more idiotic comments like the one you just made.

  • airpamela

    Female primates have been giving birth like this for millions of years.

    • Kate

      Yeah except she’s not a primate. She a human being and deserves the dignity of giving birth in a hospital despite her socioeconomic background.

      • @airpamela

        Very rarely will I ever tell a person that what they said is dumb … but your comment is an exception. That is such a dumb comment. The person is a human being.

      • L Pat

        Humans ARE primates, genius.

      • seller

        pri·mate noun \ˈprī-ˌmāt or especially for 1 -mət\
        : any member of the group of animals that includes human beings, apes, and monkeys

      • Jennifer

        “THE DIGNITY” of giving birth in a hospital? There is no such thing. You really think it’s dignified to have two dozen strangers on rotating shifts looking at your most private parts while you’re strapped to a bed with IV’s and fetal monitoring? I don’t think that is in any way shape or form dignified. Should she have been let into the hospital, Yes. If that’s what she chose. Is the hospital wrong, Yes.
        But your phrasing is totally incorrect. It is not dignified to give birth in a hospital. I’ve had 2 kids and avoided the hospital like the plague. It’s not dignified, especially here in the great US.

      • Tara


    • Carol

      May your mother was a primate. I couldn’t have been as strong as this poor woman.

    • Desiree’

      airpamela…female primates???? You sound as idiotic as Betty.


    Thank you God for putting me in USA and not Mexico!!

  • http://AOL SANDRA


    • http://AOL SANDRA


    • Fred

      Sandra, how do you know what President Obama had to do? Further more, what does his status have to do with what happened in Mexico. I think the the last time I check, he was the President of the USA. I think you are of those individuals that every time you get a chance to slam him, you don’t hesitate. I feel sorry for your uninformed ass.

  • mike

    I appreciate the point she was trying to make. It is not unlike someone getting kicked out of a homeless shelter and sleeping in front of the door. 2 hours before someone helped? Now that’s shocking.

  • ya right

    Socialized health care at its finest. Look out future moms in the usa. After birth, did she have to walk back home, or do you suppose those idiotic nurses realized she may have actually given birth?

    • seller

      Mexico is not socialized medicine. I love it when knee-jerk posts come without checking first.

    • tori

      This is the kind of thing that does NOT happen in countries with universal health care. When I clicked on the story I assumed it was in the U.S. since we do not have it yet. 45,000 Americans per year die due to insufficient insurance coverage for their illnesses.

  • bobsbigballs

    wait till Obama-care kicks in… all woman will give birth on the lawns of hospitals…

    • Fred Williamson

      You think you are funny don’t you. You don’t know a damn thing about the affordable health care act, you are only going by what you hear those idiot assholes republicans are saying about the program.

  • ya right

    oh, and I’d like to add; health is not about health, health is about wealth.

  • Betty

    Mother & Baby are gonna be find. God watches over us all. She’s one
    of God’s choosen. He wanted to see how many of us would understand.God is good, trust & believe. There are no mistakes in Gods PLAN. She was suppose to be right where she was………….

    • Desiree’ Sable

      Betty…You sound like an idiot!!!! Hopefully it is in someone’s plans to fire the nurse.

    • geeez

      oh please

  • nicci

    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • disgusted

    How can she afford s baby. These people need contraceptives given.