Bing’s Real-Time Reactions To The State Of The Union Address [Infographic]

    February 13, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Bing launched a new Politics site with “Bing Pulse” ahead of the State of the Union address, and is now sharing some insights from the endeavor.

“Last night, millions of Americans tuned into President Obama’s State of the Union address – and Bing stood alone in giving people a rare opportunity to give real-time feedback and access live social data at Bing.com/Politics,” says Mark Penn, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft. “Powered by Bing search technology and its unique social search experience, Bing’s State of the Union experience featured the breakthrough Bing Pulse – what turned out to be the largest live online poll in history.”

Bing partnered with FOX News on the site, offering what Bing described as a “non-partisan online destination designed to meet” the “growing need for up-to-the-minute political information and second-screen experiences”.

The Bing Pulse receieved 12.9 million votes, according to Bing, allowing people to join the conversation by “voting” every five seconds on their reactions to President Obama’s speech. Live results from the feature were shown on FOX News.

The search engine released the following infographic looking at real-time reactions to the speech:

Bing Looks at State Of The Union Address

Here’s a look at some findings from Twitter.

  • Dustin

    At first I was like cool a bing infographic for once, instead of google. But then I saw “partnered with fox news”. I will not be looking at anything fox news touches with their “dark force”.

    Anyways reminds me, someone should create a browser extention that allows a person to clear all fox news crap out of search results and other news results. It’s funny though that Bing goes on to say “non-partisan blah blah blah” as to reassure everyone it’s not twisted.

    • Bill Shepard

      So Dustin, who do you trust for your “balanced” news? I’d love to know.

  • Carol

    Dustin just doesn’t want balanced communication. For the state of the union, I was on the site from start to finish. About 1/2 way through the speach, video bogged down as a rush of participants joined with delays continuing until almost the end. Made it difficult to accurately respond. Interesting trend results, Dems love big government. Everyone else wants government out of the way.

    • Dustin

      haha balanced… okay what ever you keep telling yourself.

  • kma

    I was on BING Pulse all night and never once did it hit the green positive as it barely hit the zero mid point once or twice but 99.9% of the time it was deeply in the red (read: negative) area with an average of -70 for the duration of the SOTU address. Today the graph shows totally different and this seems like a scam even from last night’s results to today’s results.

  • Thomas

    I watched the SOTU on Fox News which periodically displayed the Bing Pulse graphic with what I assume were real-time trend lines of averages of the Republican, Democrat, and Independent votes. All the lines were in the negative area 95+% of the time! There were only a couple of moments when any of the lines approached and very briefly entered the positive area. Democrats were more positive than Independents and Republicans but even Dems were overall very negative about Obama’s speech! No one was positive about it! 12.9 million people participated!

    • Bill Shepard

      I’m with you brother… something is very fishy smelling about this whole thing… I think even FOX was surprised by how it turned out.

  • Thomas

    After the SOTU, Fox News reporter Shannon Bream, commenting in a segment on the votes for some of the speech’s topics, didn’t seem to understand that the Bing Pulse lines were all in negative territory. For example, on climate change she said that “…while Democrats approved, Independents went with Republicans on this and they nearly bottomed out…” But the lines were all negative! Democrats were just less negative. Her comments on other topics in the segment similarly misinterpreted the results.

    In a later segment, she said that the votes were consistently negative. Probably a producer whispered in her ear and set her straight.

  • Bill Shepard

    I participated in this from start to finish and can tell you that it may have approached the median line between positive and negative at most twice. It consistently stayed below median and in the negative (low negative) 85% of the time. This article is a grand lie and at this point I feel the media is complicit in assuring American people receive “altered facts” and are taking marching orders from the US Government. I have screen shots and a video to support this and will be posting a Youtube video in the very near future…. I question whether the ballot box is nothing more than a sham at this point and that “polls” are nothing more that “Pravda” propaganda circa 1950….

  • Keri

    I too participated from start to finish. This article and the graphic representations bear zero resemblance to the real-time results. I am curious why Bing is fabricating the data and providing false results. I would like Fox to explain this difference since they co sponsored the poll and originally reported the true results.

  • Marc Allen Johnson

    What happened from Tuesday to Wednesday? The interpretation of the polls is completely different from what it was yesterday. Please tell me what happened.

  • Jeff newton

    I too was on the bing pulse site from start to finish. I agree with many other respondants the graph was set up with the top being 100 positive the middle being 0 and the bottom was 100 negative. The lines only broke from the negative into the positive, prolly in the 5 area at best and only for a brief moment, twice. The highest average score that was reported was -7 and the lowest was -77. As someone who deals with approval rating measures in my business …this was a disaster for the president. The results that are shown above are very misleading… The way they redrew the graph, where it shows positive, that actually was the zero line, it was the median point between -100 and +100…very misleading in the way they have now portrayed…it shows as if he trended about 50% and above for a lot… With the way they redrew the graph using a 0 to 100 graph measure, he would accurately be shown trending in the 11 on the low to 36 on the high….shame on Bing, Microsoft and Fox News…by the way I watch fox. All. The time and am very dismayed in this reporting…..the score the president got on love time was very very bad…if you understand NPS then you understand that a neg 7 is extremely bad and a neg 77 is disaterious.