Bing vs. Google – Side by Side

p.s. Megan Fox is apparently single again.

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I have been making a conscious decision to use Bing as my default search for about 2 weeks now. We made a Bing video at this year’s SMX Advanced (where Bing was almost as buzzy as no-follow) so I was interested in the changes and wanted to take some time to see how Bing performed in the ‘real world’. Chris Crum has an article about some of the SEO implications of Bing, so I went ahead with just a side by side comparison.

There are lots of new phones coming out right now so I decided to compare Bing and Google results for queries based on a couple of the new phones.  Specifically, I was looking for information on the Blackberry Tour 9360 and the MyTouch 3G.  Yes, I know there is a new iPhone, and no, I don’t want one – so back to your holes Mac people.

Search results:
Both search engines provided a nice set of results in their normal index search.  I really expected this to be the place where I noticed more Bing goodies, but likely due to the fact that neither of these phones is actually for sale yet, there wasn’t a lot in there that Google didn’t have in terms of decision helpers. 

For example, if you search for an existing product, like a Canon digital camera, Bing gives you all kinds of handy links in the left column.  Do you want to shop for one?  Are you looking for reviews? Do you need a case?  Accessories?   – Those kinds of things are right there organized for you.  It’s really pretty cool and handy once you get used to them being there.


When they are there that is.

In my query for the 2 new phones, there wasn’t anything.  They are new phones though so I can excuse it. If I just type in iPhone into Bing the cools stuff returns.  So all in all, I really like the decision making tools they are providing – when they are there.

Even when Bing doesn’t have decision tools in the left column for me, they do have the page preview on everything in their index results.  Page preview is my new favorite thing. Just hover your mouse to the right of the result you are looking at and Bing gives you a nice snippet/preview of the page you are considering. 

Bing Preview Page

It may not seem like much but I have found many times, that this little added tidbit of information saves me a click then a immediate click back to the search results page to find a better alternative.  Love this option.  It’s going to be especially handy for weeding thru crap results you find sometimes on popular queries like ringtones and things like that. 

This is an area where Bing could do even more to tell us about the site we are thinking about clicking…  do they have pop ups? Are there videos? Are they a security risk? Some of the previews have an ‘Also on This Page’ section that basically has the same kind of links you’d find in a google onebox result, but I’d like to see some other info about the target page make it’s way in here.

onebox results

All in all, I have to say I was really impressed with some of the cooler features in the Bing web search.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see a lot of them in my queries for the Blackberry or the MyTouch, but they are there and when they show up they can be very handy.

Image results:
Image results were not a shining moment for Bing.  I wanted to find some images of the new Blackberry Tour 9360.  Seemed like a reasonable enough request.  Sadly, Bing fell flat on it’s face with that query, returning me exactly ZERO pictures of anything that even remotely resembled a phone. I have stared at that result page for a good long while trying to figure out what exactly they took out of my query to give me ANY of the images they gave me…  I got nothing on that one.

bing images

Google did a better job here.  13 of their 21 results for Blackberry Tour 9360 were at least cell phones.

Google image search

Both engines had decent results for images of the MyTouch, but Google gets the edge on that one too… Theirs were a little bit better.

News results:
Bing only gave me one result, (from E Canada Now).  It was from June 19th, which was in fact newer than Google’s top result (from June 17th)…  But Google did offer me links to 345 other articles about the new Blackberry.  I also missed the hover preview I like so much from Bing’s regular results.  Not sure why they don’t have that in their news search also, but they should.

Google News

Bing News

Bing does have some interesting things in the left column (they call it the table of contents).  In their news search they offer several little decision helping options, like location and category links.  Unfortunately, there were no more articles or information available in the Kentucky area for the Blackberry Tour 9360.  The good news is, they did provide me with a link to some news about Megan Fox being single to help me take my mind off that Blackberry Tour 9360. 

Megan Fox

Unfortunately, they didn’t have much in the way of images incorporated into their news results. The clicking of the image tab for their suggested Megan Fox query did however provided a much more rewarding result than my image search for um, whatever phone thing I had been looking for… goodness gracious.   Isn’t she something?  Thanks Bing.

megan fox.

So that was my side by side experience with Bing and Google.  I was able to find adequate information in a web index search on both engines for information on the phones I was looking for.  Bing makes it nice to find the best page for you on their results page without actually having to click away from the page with their page preview box.  That’s really really cool.

Google won on images hands down.  They gave me images of the phone.  Bing gave me images of everything except phones.  I still have no idea where they came up with those images. Bing has a WAYS to go with image search. Another example: I was looking for a Bing Icon to put in this article…  Here’s the query on Bing

Where's the Bing?

(I had to go to Google Image search to get a bing icon…  That’s not cool is it?)

Bing kinda sputtered on the news query compared to Google.  They did give me a fairly recent and informative news article about the Blackberry, but there was only one.  The local coverage option is a nice touch, but it doesn’t help much when there isn’t anything in it. 

Of course, Bing being a decision engine they did eventually help me decide that looking for news and images of a Blackberry was not as cool as looking at pictures of Megan Fox. And that, as it turns out, was a pretty good call I’d have to say.  So, they do get extra credit for that one.

Bing vs. Google – Side by Side
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  • http://www.gocompareremovals.co.uk/ Removal Quotes

    I liked Bing, its attractive and has cool features, but is it really enough to make me change from the habit of Google when – in reality – i just need a search engine? Afraid not Microsoft, doesn’t matter what you call it!

  • Ex Googler

    I have switched form Google to Bing almost exclusively.
    Never looked back

  • Guest

    After being known as the porn search engine by displaying the videos, now it’s also give you hot models in his image search.

    Well, they got me!

  • Abe

    I love the litttle stabs at us iphoners! Haha! But I hope you do realize that if you want the blackberry, you’re gonna be switching carriers or spending a lot of money for an unlocked handset.

  • Guest

    I actually like the image seach on bing because instead of opening up page after page of results the have more of an increasing page.

    I give Bing two thumbs up.

  • Guest

    I love Bing and have switched, at least until Google gives me something more interesting to look at and a page preview for each entry comparable to Bing’s. I like the way the images are displayed on Bing, too, and have not had any trouble finding relevant images there.

    The gorgeous photos on the Bing homepage are really the clincher. I take a moment or two each day to check out the daily photo. Puts me in a good frame of mind….helps to widen my horizons.

    • rvb

      ditto… and the everchanging homepage photo my kids love them and have gotten great book report ideas from them!!!

  • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ Havoc Marketing

    Hi Mike,

    I think Microsoft is still improving Bing, as it just launched. So in the coming months the image search could show more relevant results even if you are not searching for ‘Megan Fox’.

    Google is certainly the main player but Bing does have something new to offer.

    Thanks for the great post.

    Mani Raj
    Havoc Marketing

  • Charlie

    I like a search enging that give me the results I’m looking for. I use www.dogreatgood.com to get the results and as an added bonus the donate to pet rescue charities based on people searching.

  • http://www.pioutsource.com/ PI Outsource

    Who cares about searching well specified and popular “current” fad items?

    Compare searches betwee Bing and Google for the important things that people really care about:

    A phone number
    An Address or directions
    A recipe
    An emergency first aid solution
    Model Trains
    Free Bullcrap software (is it really free?)
    an old friend
    a lost adoptive parent.
    Current traffic.

    Who gives a crap about who can find iphone specs the fastest?

    Just Do It!

    • http://blog.gadodia.net Vaibhav

      Even though I am using Bing, I am finding Google better.


  • Fernando Salas

    I like Bing and I have switched from Google. My favorite pornstar is Asia Carrera and I have found very good images and videos from her by using Bing.

  • http://www.myfaithsolution.com Sheikh Pervez

    I like Bing…. Its image search, porn filter, faster than any other search engine.. the bing maps, and of corse xRank

    All features are awesome

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    The availability of Bing features is highly inconsistent across different countries. While there is a full version that runs in the US, countries like India only have access to a couple of features. I guess once it is completely done, then we can have some relevant analysis.

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com Spencer Spellman

    I’m still not sold on Bing. It has some things that I like including the page preview, but it seems like people are getting attracted more to it’s interface and design then it’s search capabilities. I will say that it’s good to see it venturing into improving travel search. However, Bing hasn’t done enough to warrant switching from Google, although I’ll use it from time to time.

    • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham Maged

      I agree, Spencer.

      Google’s searching algorithm is different from that of Bingo in my simple opinion and if people are attracted to the features only and ignoring the searching capabilities, this will be bad. Google, Yahoo are doing good job in term of ‘implementing the relevant term’.

      Anyway we -users- are keeping an eye upon this war :)

  • Guest

    If the hover feature is that cool, people should just switch to the Fire Fox browser and stick with google. FF has a plugin that gives you a preview for all links – even in news.

  • http://www.autopten.com Cheap

    Welcome Bing! Bye bye Yahoo!, Google you’re the king.

  • http://www.sheikhpervez.webng.com Sheikh Pervez

    Let me complete this,

    Microsoft, video search is the most amazing above all the features in THE BING. Once you search for the video, hover over the video, Bing plays it for you.. Isnt it Amazing..

    Even i switched to Bing.com..
    Bye Bye Google and Yahoo!

    Thanks Mike for sharing this information with us.

  • http://www.r2integrated.com LUK

    I still think that Bing is too new to have ironed out its quirks. It has taken years for Google to evolve its algorithm.
    However, it looks like some of the obvious Bing praise may be coming from MS marketing employees using Google Alerts to find articles/posts such as this one. ;)

  • Guest

    Several times I have seen that bing not produces any search results but google provides you a variety of Results. So I think google is the king among search engine and it has a huge database inside.

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