Bing Search Summit Reveals More About Bing

    June 4, 2009
    Chris Crum

You could learn a lot from a #badabing hashtag. If you search that on Twitter, you’ll find all kinds of tweets from those in attendance at Microsoft’s Bing Search Summit.

It is interesting to see some of the things people are talking about with regards to Bing, and as the search engine is still in its infancy, everybody wants to know all they can. If you dont’ feel like wading through tons and tons of tweets, relax. I’ve done it for you (although I’m sure there will be plenty more since the time of this writing).

Here are some highlights (or "hightweets" if you will):

@andybeal: Satya taking some audience heat because Bing cashback shows lower prices than actually on the site

@davesnyder apparently takes scraper sites (also known as search engines) to a whole new level of scrapiness

@lizlawley but @bing, the keynote speaker specifically placed "community" in a different category from "search". indicative of mindset.

Vanessa Fox Tweets about Bing

@vanessafox If you want to opt-out from Bing hover preview on SERP, can use a nopreview meta tag. But hover may increase qualified clicks

@andybeal: When a Bing user hover-previews your search result, send that data to our web analytics (cool idea!)

@jenstar: Find and replace options for multiple campaigns on ad copy, parameters, etc is pretty cool in the adcenter desktop

Jenstar tweets about AdCenter

@Mel66: adCenter Desktop has targeting settings in it (incremental bids, etc. )- better than AW Editor (on this, anyway)

@andybeal: Average "information" search session consists of 6 different queries

@hharteveldt: #TripIt may hv a potential competitor. Bing offers ability to save searches, create virtual file folders, share on social netwks

@adventuregirl: Learning about Save & Share featur 4 Bing- Ucan publsh TRAVEL info U find as set of links 4 Facebook- GREAT feature.

@GregBoser: <meta name="robots" content="nopreview"> to opt out of bing hover.

Boser on opting out of hover

@lizlawley: finding that is *very* useful for comparing relevance/quality of results.

@michaelbonfils: Bing does not show up for "search engine" on They should at least buy an ad.

@localseoguide: need Silverlight to do interesting things with Bing’s Save&Share feature

@Oilman: seeing 2 wikipedia results for nearly everything I search for on bing

@andybeal: We just had a really quick look at what goes into Bing’s algorithm–I think @oilman shed a tear 😉

@andybeal: Satya promised Bing would not be tied to a platform, but it uses Silverlight for the cool features–which is not avail for linux

@michaelbonfils: Bing shows up number 1 for "decision engine" but not "search engine".

@denschaal: bing to launch new features monthly

@Mel66 Site exclusion now available in adCenter – can exclude at ad group and campaign level (up to 500 sites) #badabing

Greg Sterling has a look at the Satya Nadella keynote. You can see some interesting images here.