Bing Partners With FOX News On ‘Non-Partisan’ Politics Site

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Bing Partners With FOX News On ‘Non-Partisan’ Politics Site
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Bing announced today that it has partnered with FOX News Channel and Foxnews.com to launch Bing Pulse, enabling users to give real-time feedback to President Obama’s State Of The Union address.

This is part of a new political destination site from Bing at Bing.com/Politics, playing off Bing’s Elections offering. The company describes it as “a non-partisan online destination designed to meet this growing need for up-to-the-minute political information and second-screen experiences.”

At this destination, users will be able to watch the speech live with commentary from FOX News pundits and “other political experts” via Twitter. They’ll also be able to participate in the Bing Pulse survey, filter news from left, center and right-leaning national and local news sources, according to Bing. Users will also be able to access original videos of Jimmy Carter and Newt Gingrich talking about the State of the Union address.

“The Bing Pulse will allow people to join the conversation by ‘voting’ every five seconds on their reactions to the President’s speech,” Mark Penn, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft. “Real time results of the Bing Pulse will be shown at Bing.com/Politics and on FOX News Channel. We think this will be the largest live online poll in history.”

Bing.com/Politics is also unveiling its “social sentiment tracker” called Bing Beat. This will analyze social sentiment on Twitter associated with the address – topics like immigration, gun control and the fiscal cliff.

The new Bing.com/Politics will launch on Saturday.

Bing Partners With FOX News On ‘Non-Partisan’ Politics Site
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  • Vivian

    Same lies, we can’t not loose our freedom….we need God in this country

    • Dona

      We are loosing our freedoms every day, our belief in God will be next.

  • Cory

    A family of 4 has more government debt than mortgage debt. Thanks.

  • Antonio

    When you rasie the minimal wage prices will go up

  • http://www.geileon.com Dave

    Minimum wage is for college kids, retirement people, and partime. Not meant for a living wage.

    • steve


  • Maggie

    Please, please tell me how you are going to help small businesses! We would love to pay our employees more if we had the jobs. More and more companies are leaving the state and leaving the country.

  • Sal

    Yeah remember if you remove all the bolts out of the rifles we can really defend the country

  • Betty

    Impeach him…quick!

    • Kevin Cleveland


    • Dinah Cowen

      He sounds sooooo good, ashame he lives in dream land! And has no Ambition to follow thru with leadership, to get them done!

  • rachel

    Really you should be worrying about other problems. NOt worrying about a true man raising His children. Mabey if you were not talking crap you would actually be able to stay on topic.

  • steve

    Tell that to the families of those killed in Libya. LIAR HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!!!!

    • margie

      I totally agree Steve.. Im actually nauseated listening to this crap.. and looking at the body language.. What did we do wrong to have this as our leader?

    • Linda

      Why do you think he just passed the new law for secret service for life. One day (not soon enough for me) he is going to have to go back to the war zone. Unless Hollywood has a place for him.

  • margie

    He didn’t answer the phone at 3am in Benghazi .. but then again neither did Hillary.. despicable administration.. maybe he was better at his community agitating job.. but then again.. Chicago is a war zone.. so guess he wasn’t good there either

  • Cory

    My share of the debt is more than my mortgage

  • Jean Jones

    There he goes saying the Taliban is on the run. Does he not know what is happening in Middle East?

  • janyce myers

    I really think he has blinders on. He needs removed from office. Does he really believe what he is saying?

  • Sal

    The greatest danger we have is in the white house

  • http://Bingpulse Joan

    Not impressed. The state of our union is not good. My kids make more than we did and are doing worse than we were at their stage of life . This speech is all acting and no truth. He will never work with congress. All he wants is more government control not less. People can create their own businesses if government regulations would just get out of the way.

  • http://Bing/politics.com Cheryl

    Draw down of troups? What jobs will you have for them? Won’t we need forces to deal with Iran, Korea? And for God’s sake protect our embassies?

  • Vivian

    Same bs blaming others for his mistales

  • Barbara C

    How can he stand there in front of the country and say how transparent his administration is about counterterrorism is. He’s never “owned up” to Benghazi. Where was he that night and why won’t he and Hilary come clean about it?

  • http://Yahoo.com Kenneth McCollum

    When The President said things on the Energy , he said nothing about the Price of Oil going Up to more than 40 years ago, and said nothing about More Drilling like the Canadian Pipeline or Anwar! And also Natural Gas also said Nothing, and Oil Drilling in the gulf but He let’s the Chinese can Drill in our Waters, now that’s a Shame is it Not! I Am so Tired of this President when He says things but does Not Back them Up! Thank You!!!

  • Expound Truth

    “Transparent”, my butt, the commander in chief was AWOL while Americans died in Benghazi!!!

    • June Fish

      President still talks with a forked tongue. Great speaker so,
      was Hitler. Sheep still follow for a hand out.
      dont like a communist thinker running the u.s.a

  • doyle kuhn


  • Marilyn Hales

    We owe more in interest in what we owe than what we borrowed and can’t even pay for the interest not alone the initial loan itself. We need to cut spending and get rid of waste and overspending in the government. Smaller government, more military, Revise Obamacare so it is not offensive to those who believe in God and violate their rights. No one wants or likes obamacare and it does not represent our values as citizens of the US. We can’t afford our taxes now and instead of affordable insurance we have higher insurance rates taken out of everyone’s pay. We can’t afford to pay more taxes, so congress must cut in the government waste and get rid of things like supporting other countries, especially those who are terrorists giving them military power to harm us. If you want to help someone, start at home in the US – climate change has nothing to do with science – it is about God warning America to turn back to Him before He sends judgment upon the US – we are waiting for those who lead to honor Him with our laws and decisions and obey His laws. If you are not right with God, you will have no wisdom to make decisions that are right for our country. Because of the decline of morality, and teaching our children about God in schools and show by example in our country that life is important, people use guns to kill our children. Guns do not kill children, immoral people do, who ignore God. This is the worst president we have ever had and it just gets worse and worse. Each leader swore under oath to protect our constitution and uphold it and I want our leaders to keep that promise they made to God so America is protected.

  • steve

    Stay out of my email screw ball!

    • Cory

      Like to see that thread;)

  • Donna

    How. Are. You. Going. To. Lower. Gas. Prices. And. Stop. Lining. The. Government. Pockets

  • http://Bing Ccmilloy

    He loves signing executive order makes him feel powerful

  • http://bing Ginger

    He has almost bankrupt our country and he wants to invest in so many areas my head is about to explode. I remember the jobs that weren’t job ready* that was really funny to them after the took all that taxpayer money to stimulate jobs for roads and building. Well, I didn’t think it was funny! He acts like we have a surplus just waiting for him to spend!!! Hello> 16 trillion and still going up!

    • Al

      She’s right. He has given more money to more companies that went bankrupt then anyone else!!

  • Al

    Min wage! You can raise it to $100 per hour, but if companies don’t have jobs it doesn’t make a difference!

  • Danny

    He is horrible

  • Angela

    Is he really talking about security !! Really Obama ! Secure our boarders ! Didnt Obama just had over weapons of mass destruction ??

  • Barbara

    He is certainly interested in protecting our country. Does that include ambassadors as well. Like Benghazi

  • sheila

    When will we, the American people, learn that our government cannot solve problems by creating regulations, government jobs, etc. Let We the People take care of our country and let the government get out except for protection, laws.

    • Cory


  • Vivian

    Lets get him out of the White House

  • Kevin Cleveland


    • margie

      Unfortunately We The People are too many who think as he and his minions do..
      He hasn’t put one coherent sentence together yet.. just run on this and thats..

  • http://Bing/politics.com Cheryl

    Executive orders? If you can’t lead effectively leave! I didn’t vote for you for a good reason. Regulations are a big barrier to jobs and growing the evonomy, get a clue!

  • Linda

    Here we go again……”I signed an Executive order”. Too bad an Executive order won’t make him tell the truth about where the heck he was while Bengazi (sp?) was happening. And for God’s sake, stop whispering trying to make his nothing speech sound so interesting.
    It is so hard for me to listing to him with his whistling teeth.

  • doyle kuhn


  • Jean Jones

    Justice and Law in US? Only the ones he sees fit to enforce.

  • Sal

    We can t take care of our own so now we are sending our money overseas. So he will look good they don’t like us don’t send our money keepit here

  • margie

    The Jews in America voted for him.. cause they are basically Liberal. I fear for Israel..

  • Kelly

    Get this guy out of there ….

  • Lynn staley

    This man has no idea about how to solve our problems .. He has become the major problem toward returning America to our former strength… he is all rhetoric and No substance. The next 4 years can’t pass fast enough. God help us

  • margie

    Nice to know.. chris stevens will appreciate that help.. oooh.. nevermind.. too late…

  • Dona

    Don’t about the rest of you but where I live most of the people would rather get food stamps, free housing , free phones and wonder why they aren’t getting more free stuff. I worked for what I have and it makes furious to see these people in a grocery line buying things that I can’t afford with my tax money.

  • http://Bingpulse Joan

    I have to see him really give more oil permits first before I believe it. Heard too many promises. Talk is cheap ,but actions speaks volumes.

  • wanda

    Our president is a well-dressed,well-spoken(sometimes..remember Marine Corps?)free phone, food stamp peddler who will be another Bill Clinton in retirement….making megabucks off selling the country out.

  • http://yahoo James Hylton

    Obama lies everytime his mouth moves.He says gov. can help, get out of the way and let Americans get to work to fix what D.C. messed up.Let ourmilitary do their jobs and keep our country stong. War is hell Obama,you play war by your enemies guidelines barbaric as they are. you capture and interrogate as well as kill. Take heed to these words,lest you hinder our defense and security.

  • steve

    What a goat rope of a show this is …a room full of IDIOTS!

  • margie

    aw.. the love of my life.. moochelle.. let’s go on another expensive taxpayer vacation… imbeciles

  • Mary

    Keep military well funded, Cut lots of jobb not needed in the WhiteHouse stsff and ancillary staff.

  • doyle kuhn


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