Bing News Search Holds 2% UK Market Share

    August 27, 2009
    Chris Crum

Hitwise is sharing some data on the performance of Bing News Search, one aspect of Bing that hasn’t had a lot of attention paid to it since Microsoft launched its new search engine. According to Hitwise, Bing News Search has about 2% of the market share in the news aggregators category, at least in the UK.

"Last week just over three quarters of Bing News Search’s traffic came from other Microsoft properties, particularly MSN UK and the main Bing search page," says Hitwise’s Robin Goad. "Like Google News (but unlike Yahoo! News), Microsoft’s new service consists of links to third party news providers rather than its own content."

Last week, Bing News Search ranked ninth in the news aggregators category:

Most popular news aggregators

While the concepts behind Both Bing News Search and Google News may be similar, the UK versions differ significantly in terms of what sites get the most traffic from these services. Here is the top ten for Bing and Google (UK) respectively:

Downstream websites visited

Telegraph seems to be getting significantly better results from Google, while Fox News appears to do a lot better on Bing. BBC News appears to do quite well from both services.