Bing Making Big Advertising Strides

Advertiser base up by 35 percent

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AdGooroo’s released another search advertising report, and many of the statistics within are predictable; on the whole, they indicate that Google’s doing well and Yahoo’s not.  But some interesting (and mostly positive) changes are taking place with regards to Bing. 

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AdGooroo’s report states, "For the year ending June 2009, Bing appears to have grown its advertiser base by about 35%."  New advertisers who have made it onto Bing’s top 25 list include impressive entities like Dell, Edmunds, Home Depot, and Sears.

Google grew its advertiser base by more – 52 percent – yet the report explains, "Bing is tempting many established pay-per-click advertisers to taste their service."  And "it may simply be that Microsoft is executing a two-stage strategy; the first stage being to grow their audience, and only after that, to focus on recruiting advertisers . . ."

Then there’s what Bing’s accomplished for those advertisers to consider.  Bing actually showed 24 percent fewer first-page ads in June than Microsoft’s old offering did in March, and so may be making progress in terms of ad relevance.  (Plus, this detail supports the two-stage theory.)

The next quarter or two may be quite interesting, then, as Bing does its best to establish a sort of advertising foothold against the much-more-successful Google and Yahoo.

Bing Making Big Advertising Strides
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  • Guest

    “Bing is tempting many established pay-per-click advertisers to taste their service.”

    Most PPC advertisers already had accounts with Google and Yahoo, and MSN’s PPC base, while much smaller than either of the other two, was due for a boost when Bing came out. Yahoo’s conversion rates are abysmal, and Google’s have been churning for the past year, so pushing more money into Microsoft’s PPC program with all of the extra-web advertising they have been doing, is a no-brainer. People are FINALLY using a Microsoft search product, so advertisers want to get on the wagon. At least, they want to be along for the ride for as long as it pays off. Frankly, if Bing’s organic results get too much better than Google’s, the PPC proposition will end up being a waste of effort, and we’ll see PPC advertisers abandoning Microsoft, once again.

  • http://www.enzogames.com Enzo

    I advertised with MS in 2007, my experience: they didn’t know what the hell they were doing. If you didn’t stuff your page full of keywords they kicked your ads and they didn’t serve relevant ads. The tools were great but useless if you show an add for target or walmart when it’s not appropriate. The customer service was great though. I’ll try to advertise on bing in the hope of getting more traffic but I’ll start off very small like $5.

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