Bing, Lenovo, Really Want Teens to Not Be Lazy This Summer

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Bing continues its mission to get people #doing more as it has teamed up with Lenovo and to launch "The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing," a call to action for youngsters to get up off of their keisters and do some good in their communities over the summer.

Teens in the United States apparently have a motivation problem when it comes to volunteering. A surprising 93% of them say they want to volunteer, but only 22% actually end up doing it; the other 71% say they didn't get around to volunteering because, as is their typical adolescent wont, nobody asked them to volunteer (although that kinda defeats the purpose of volunteering, kiddos). Trying to tap into this unmotivated potential, has launched a website for "The Hunt" that hopes to get teens started with effecting some positive changes in their communities. By working with the technological implements that teenagers seem addicted to these days, the companies will have participants communicate their progress throughout the 11-day challenge via cell phones, the internet, and social media.

Bing Senior Product Manager Karin Muskopf predicts that the integration of social media as a tool for building communities will help promote activism. "Bing's new social features will play an integral role in helping participants search for the clues, connect with their Facebook friends for advice and see what experts recommend in order to quickly research and tackle the daily challenges," she said.

Challenges in "The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing" will focus on humanitarian issues related to the environment, energy and recycling, poverty, violence and bullying, animal welfare, and more. Participants in the challenge will also be eligible for prizes like Lenovo Ultrabooks and scholarships.

The challenge has also enlisted the help of several celebrities like Hillary Duff, Cody Simpson, Rachael Leigh Cook, and this young lady, Shenae Grimes, who the internet tells me is on the relaunched version of Beverly Hills, 90210 (which the internet also tells me is simply titled 90210).

Video: Bing Teams with and Lenovo to Kick-Off “The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing”

While this is generally good for the heart and soul of humanity, it also affords Bing a unique opportunity to introduce its newly launched design, the three-column format that integrates information from Facebook and Twitter into search results, to a young and likely obstinate generation of internet users. And I only say obstinate because what teenagers don't look forward to velcroing themselves to the couch for the duration of their summer break and happily doing nothing? If Bing can break the pattern of irresistible laziness of adolescents, then toppling Google should be a walk in the park.