Bing Launches Interactive Awards Site For Golden Globes, The Oscars And More


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Are you an awards show fan? Do the thought of the Golden Globes just fill you with glee? If that's the case, you might want to check out what Bing has cooking for this year's awards show season.

Bing announced this week that it has a new interactive awards site set up to help fans keep track of all the awards shows this year. To kick off its new site, Bing has a number of resources related to this Sunday's Golden Globes award, ranging from a list of the nominees to suggestions for hosting your very own viewing party.

Perhaps the coolest part of the Bing Awards site is a look back on Golden Globes of years' past. Granted, it's just a quick search of "Golden Globes acceptance speeches" on Bing Video, but it's a nice refresher if you want to reacquaint yourself with last year's winners.

Bing also revealed that American Hustle would win best picture at the Golden Globes if the winner was chosen based on search traffic. Among the nominees, the David Russell film was the most searched for film ahead of the awards with The Wolf of Wall Street coming in a close second.

If the Golden Globes aren't really your thing, Bing will be around for the entire awards season. It's already planing for the Grammy's and the Oscars, but other award shows are not out of the question. Heck, we might even get a Bing site for Spike's VGX.

Image via Bing