Bing Helps Promote New “Bully” Movie

    March 26, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Bing will be joining forces with The Weinstein Company to promote the upcoming movie “Bully.” The movie, which premieres tonight in Los Angeles, is a documentary about the growing awareness around childhood bullying.

Over at the Bing Community blog, Senior Director at Bing and MSN Lisa Gurry writes that the goal of the movie is to involve “parents, students, educators, and advocates” in the cause of ending bullying. Part of the campaign is to influence the MPAA to change the rating of the movie from “R” to “PG-13” so that it can be seen by a younger audience. Gurry writes:

“Today, we’re happy to join the “Bully” movement to help raise awareness of the serious implications of bullying with the goal of inspiring people to stand up to bullying. We’re pleased to join together with Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, Meryl Streep, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa, Demi Lovato, Tommy Hilfiger, Billie Jean King, Drew Brees and many others, including high school student Katy Butler, to help stop bullying. Butler is doing her part – starting a petition to encourage the Motion Picture Association of America to change the rating on “Bully” from R to PG-13 so kids can see the film. Butler gathered more than 400,000 signatures and delivered the petition earlier this month, showing that any of us can make a difference.”

Bing will be using its various social media channels to begin a discussion on the movie, and information pertaining to the movie and anti-bullying movement will be highlighted on MSN.com.

The film will be released on March 30 in New York and Los Angeles, and then has a wider release on April 13. Below is the trailer, but I must warn you that it’s been purposefully crafted to tug at your heartstrings.

  • Jean

    I cried watching the way that poor boy was treated. I was wanting to sign the petition to get the rating changed. This needs to be seen by the age groups that are doing it

  • http://bing leonard

    parents know they are raising mean little brats and like day care video cameras should be everywhere-the teachers too busy talking to each other not watching the kids,same with the buses need adult plus the driver on every bus+ cameras too-no student should go to restroom to be attacked by students or adults -tape the sounds too every class has intercom system,parents should be able to go on line and check the class-most day cares have it-also teacher ratio to kids too high-day care can’t have more than 12 kids per class-schools wont let parents volunteer to help in classes -what are they hiding-why not-you have a bad kid,bully make that parent go to school to make sure he or she behaves in school.more eyes, more hands helping the kids learn,small groups 5-10 kids would learn,the job force would be better,less crime,less drugs -they say they care about the kids-we put our taxes dollars up so now the need to step up and do their jobs-educate our kids ,and keep them safe doing it.

    • youdon’tneedtoknow

      Ya cause none of what you just said is invasion of privacy or anything. Bullying is a natural part of life. Its called being at the top of the food chain or pack leader so to speak. In a pack of wolves there’s always an alpha dog. He can eat, say, do, anything he wants until some body stands up to him and takes his spot, and its the same thing with humans. Its not just in schools its in the work place at home… everywhere. Bullying has nothing to do with suicides, or killing. It comes down to that somewhere along the line threader kids seem to find it ok to take such extreme action when someone pushes them. What happened to when someone pushes you either pick back or pick yourself up, and go on with life.

      • http://google Dionneswag7

        yeah but alotta times you cant just ignore bullying. words hurt. and bullying causes people to have low self esteem which causes them to not see any point in life anymore so they kill themselves. by saying that, YOU are part of the problem, not the solution.

  • Brenda JR Jackson

    Foundational lessons have been created to be used to teach adults and children how bullying is going to exist, but the response to it changes destines. A teacher who have gone through bullying, fired due to my thorns. It was a must do to help others who have suffered, too. I need financing. This was too important for me to forsake the calling. Ask and it shall be given, I am asking.