Bing Gaining On Google, Yahoo

Market share swap (and then some), according to StatCounter

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Different data-tracking firms almost always report different statistics, and this has led to a fair number of confusing did-it-or-didn’t-it-gain-share situations.  Bing seems to be solidly in the black, however, as new StatCounter info supports the idea that the new engine is doing well.

Doubters may remain – and in the long-term, may or may not win the argument – but comScore and Hitwise (and StatCounter, for that matter) had already suggested that Bing’s gaining on Google and Yahoo.  The latest report adds a nice bar graph to the evidence pile.

StatCounter Search Engine Market Share

As you can see, it seems that Google’s consistently losing share (0.59 percent between April and June).  Yahoo’s down from its April levels, too (0.23 percent).  In fact, of the top three search engines, only Microsoft’s offering cornered more market share in the last couple of months.

And although a rise of 1.02 percent doesn’t sound like a lot, if you look at the figure with respect to Microsoft’s starting point of 7.21 percent, it represents an increase of 14.1 percent.

Data-tracking firms that used to be on Microsoft’s bad side are liable to get invited to corporate parties if these sorts of trends continue.

Bing Gaining On Google, Yahoo
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  • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency collection

    I didnt realize google was rated that high over yahoo. I thought yahoo had more of an edge. I have used Bing a few times and absolutely love it. It has a lot of great changes and I have saved it as my home page.

  • http://chriscommons.blogspot.com Chris

    With the emergence and growing popularity of Bing I suppose that the next test will be to see if the growth trends will continue or if the growth will plateau.

    It is certainly staggering to look at Google’s dominance in graphs such as the one that is posted above.

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    MS / Bing can spend all they want on commercials, media whatever. But the race is long over.

    Google has become as common as the daily slice of butter. Our traffic is 92% Google, Bing 2.5% and Yahoo hovers at 4% – 5%
    as has remained that low for years.

    The search results compared to Google are all over the place and lop sided, upside down and rather skewed .. almost like cable news. Ones leaning to the left the other is leaning to the right. I used Bing a couple of times.. guess I’m a loyal Google’r!

    The bottom line.. they both want your money so bad they are willing to spend Millions to get it.

    Think about it..

    Follow me on Twitter!

  • http://www.businesswebcoach.com Orange County SEO

    The last thing that Google wants to see is lost market share. Google is all about maximizing every dollar that advertisers put into AdWords. A loss of any amount of market share corresponds to a loss of marketing dollars, and thus a lower stock price. While Microsoft is gaining ground, just remember that their product portfolio is only based fractionally in search. Google is all about search, so it looks like they are getting beat up on their home turf.

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