Bing Algorithm and Advertising Questions Answered

    June 2, 2009
    Chris Crum

Microsoft has posted a FAQ page for adCenter advertisers wondering just what Bing has in store for them. One question pertained to Bing’s algorithm, to which Microsoft’s Carolyn Miller responded:

Carolyn Miller"We have made numerous improvements to our algorithm, focusing on spelling, freshness of results, and core ranking. Our algorithm is changing continuously to provide the best results. Although we have a six month release cycle for major updates, our algorithm is refined everyday to improve the relevance of our results and to better address our users’ intent."

The answers to most of the other questions about how advertising will change, can be summed up in one sentence:

It’s the same as before. 

A variation on the above statement is pretty much the answer to the majority of the questions in this list of FAQs. No new ad units are available on Bing SERPs at this point. Advertisers will use adCenter just the same to buy keywords.

Microsoft does appear to view Bing as more beneficial to its adCenter advertisers than Live Search was, simply because of Bing’s focus on decision-making – specifically, decisions related to shopping, health, and travel. also seen

Miller also offers the possibility that Bing will be more popular than Live Search, and therefore help advertisers.

"It is difficult to predict additional volume, but, we expect that the Bing outreach campaign will help raise awareness of the problems with search overload today," she says. "We think once users try Bing, they will enjoy the experience and hopefully keep coming back, especially when they have decision to make in our key focus areas of shopping, travel, health and local. We certainly hope that leads to an increase in share over time."

This may or may not be wishful thinking. Time will tell. Either way, advertisers should be getting a nice little push as Bing is in the spotlight.

Bing advertisers seeing traffic

You are probably aware by now that is redirecting to Bing. What you may or may not know is that in 45 days, will begin serving as the destination for other "Live" services like Office Live and Windows Live.

Are you an adCenter advertiser? What do you expect from Bing? Talk about it.