Bing Adds Video to Homepage

By: Chris Crum - September 23, 2011

Bing is using videos on its homepage now, in place of photos. Not always, but sometimes.

The Bing homepage and its generally striking photos is possibly one of the most pleasing features of the search engine, at least for those who appreciate photography. Judging from today’s, this will only be enhanced by the new addition of video.

It shows a nice view of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

The first video is US-only, but Bing will be rolling out the video homepage in other markets in the next few months. It requires an HTML5-enabled browser.

In other search engine homepage news, Google took the big blue arrow pointing to Google+ off after a two-day run (at least in the US).

Chris Crum

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  • Bob Rodriguez

    We started using video on our home page years ago (lite video, easy to load). I think it is a great idea. First was graphics (remember when all you got was a screen with text?…WOW), then fuzzy pictures, then sharp clear pictures, then fuzzy video, now high definition video………… stop 3D video.

    As the internet evolves so does the threshold of the user rise. We continue to expect better experiences out of our user experience. If you do not evolve with the times you will be left behind!