Bing 2.0 Release Imminent?

MSFT employees tweet about exciting features, say "this month" and "next week"

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The next version of Bing is quite impressive and will be released in the near future, according to a couple of Microsoft employees.  In fact, two of the corporation’s employees have indicated on Twitter that Bing 2.0 should come out within the next 20 (or maybe even 7) days.

Yesterday, Microsoft held a large employee meeting at a baseball stadium in Seattle.  Monte Enbysk, a senior editor of Microsoft Office Live, tweeted following a demo there, "Bing 2.0, out this month, has some exciting new features.  Imagine seeing maps plus pics from the neighborhood of a restaurant to try."

The tweet was later deleted, but Mary Jo Foley saw it, and you can view Twitter Search evidence of it below.

Sushil Choudhari, a software design engineer, also had something to say, stating that the "super impressive" Bing 2.0 will arrive next week.

So, assuming that this isn’t some sort of repeat of the Facebook/TechCrunch prank, a significant Bing update right around the figurative corner.  And considering that reviews of Bing in its current form have been pretty positive, it’s difficult not to wonder how close Bing 2.0 will come to the Google benchmark.

Bing 2.0 Release Imminent?
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  • http://www.aflypen.com Benson

    If bing could search Twitter, It’s more helpful than google.

  • http://www.siku-moja.blogspot.com nairobian Perspective

    thats quite some interesting news, thanks for sharing

  • http://www.wiiconverter.com/ WIIVIDEOCONVERTER

    Let’s look forward for it.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com collection agencies

    Im really happy to see Bing starting to take off and grow. Its nice to have an alternative other than google.

    • Conner

      I was an early user of Google…. way be fore their IPO. So I have been amused to see them turn from upstart to mainstream, and still want to be considered hip. Regardless, Of course I still use Google a lot. Like Hendrix said, “it dont get me down baby, if your hair is short or it is long”

      But I’m increasingly trying Bing. The Bing picture is cooler than white space.

      One thing I hope Microsoft will do. Focus on helping people “find what they are looking for”… the great features can come later.

  • http://myonlineband.com Guest

    I use the Bing Vs Google add-in for fire fox. When I search via the built-in search box, I get dual results displayed together on the screen.

    I find that around half the time Google has better results, the other half is Bing. many times they bring back the same results.

    I think the differance is the UI that MS has built around the search results that helps you drill down to find what you need more quickly.

    I think, if Microsoft can tweak that a bit more they have a chance of winning people over.

    I do like the Image search from bing a bit better then google but I will sometimes still need to go back to google when I have trouble.

  • TBQ

    Web search is less about features and more about getting results that are based on actual contents, and not biased based on advertising, etc.

    I chose Google when they were an upstart, because their results were unbiased (i.e. I could “trust” not to be “led” to “their chosen target”). While I have some concerns about Google’s data gathering, I still trust their search results to be just that.

    Microsoft, on the other hand, is very marketing and revenue driven, examplified by the need to change their branding on less than successful efforts (MSN, Live, Bing as an example). And fanfare over “release of new version of Bing”? It’s the “new and improved” syndrome. I myself could not care less if there’s a new version of Bing daily or never. All I care about is how good it is at returning the results of my searches that I find to be relevant.

    Microsoft also likes to “lead” the user. According to them, most users are about as smart as a bread box, and MS often thinks they know what I need, so they will control what I get and how. I have nothing against training wheels for beginners, as long as I don’t have to put them on my racing bike.

    Don’t get me wrong – I live and work in the MS camp. And they have a lot of good stuff. I just don’t believe they always make the right choices.

    I use Google for web searches, and MS/live/bing maps. For a few weeks, I used the Blind Search page (http://blindsearch.fejus.com/) to see how good Bing was. I encourage everyone to try it.

    Quite often, two or all three of the results were very similar, and I actually had to spend some time reviewing the results to determine which ones provided better results for my search. In all but three cases, I picked the Google results, twice, I picked Bing, and one time I picked Yahoo.

    • Coon

      Google was an upstart… that was a long time ago. They are a huge ginormouse monolithic company now. That is what happens with a market capitalization of 23 Billion.

      Keeping in mind that 99% of Google’s revenue is derived from its advertising programs. I still “trust” that Google presents fairly unbiased results, simply from the point that attempts to maniupulate results would destroy their credibility. Which might have drastic impact on bottom line.

      So… nothing wrong with that. I want them to make money. And guess what? I want other search engines to make money too. I dont care if it is Microsoft or not.

  • Coon

    But results are king. Bing’s success so far is that it produces comparable results to Google. As others have said, image search is “better”… at least I prefer it.

    I hope MS remembers to keep improving the core result set functionality of the search engine. I dont think it is quite up to Google yet, though the difference is almost negligible.

    And I like the cool pictures.

  • WT

    I’m one of those weird people who cares about what web sites are depositing on my computer – I’m prompted when cookies are set, ActiveX controls and scripts are run, etc. The basic Google search is relatively “clean” – only a single cookie to store your preferences. Bing, on the other hand, floods you with cookie after cookie on every page load, for god knows what. I suspect that there is all sorts of tracking going on, with no explanation of what or why. Since I find Google returns results at least as good as Bing’s, I’m staying with Google.

  • Guest

    I tried bing for a few weeks but personally found it slow compared to google and commercial orientated.
    If I look up “Java programming” it doesn’t mean I want to buy a java IDE or BUY a Java course or BUY a subscription to some site.
    Also speed seems very slow and clunky, and as some others have stated, their need for endless cookies and external files to use.
    The other point that is turning me away is IE8 upgrades seem to reset your search provider to bing automatically. I had to go around to 16 computers at work, reset Firefox as default, and delete the bing search from each to ensure Google remains the default. Similar to spyware?
    At the end of the day its just a search engine so while google works, google will be default!

  • Guest

    Microsoft usually first publishes a new software as final version (not beta) and after users used it and knew it’s defects, then it publishes a better version as version 2. Because of the short period that passed after Bing’s first release, it would be the same. I think microsoft has published Bing to find it’s defects and it wants to publish the improved version without first version’s defects.
    But, after all, I prefer Google.

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