Billy Ray Cyrus Also Has Advice for Justin Bieber

    January 31, 2014
    Erika Watts
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As strange as it was to hear Miley Cyrus giving advice to the troubled Justin Bieber on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus has also spoken up with some advice of his own. Rather than tell Bieber to hire someone to keep him out of trouble as Miley did, Cyrus thinks Bieber just needs to get back to nature.

“I would say, first of all, hey, I’m sure he’s got lots of people talking to him right now. I would just invite him to come down and chill out with me, maybe in Tennessee,” Cyrus told Access Hollywood. “Let’s go up to the teepee, build a fire, step away and just, you know, maybe take a break for a little bit, just think about what’s important. Get back to life…Build a fire, count the deer and the hawks and relax a little bit.”

Cyrus’s advice comes after Bieber’s string of run-ins with the law over the past month. Just days after the teen pop sensation was arrested in Miami for drag racing and driving under the influence, he was arrested in Toronto Wednesday on assault charges.

Aside from hanging out with Billy Ray in a teepee, Cyrus also thinks that Bieber needs to start focusing on his music. “He’s got a long life ahead of him and I’d like to see him just kind of maybe, enjoy a little bit of what he’s got and focus back on the music,” Cyrus said. “He’s a great artist.”

Not surprisingly, Cyrus offering up advice to Bieber has generated quite a bit of snark on Twitter. Even though Miley hasn’t been arrested, not many people consider Billy Ray the guy to go to for parental advice, especially since he has been vocally supportive of his daughter’s twerking.

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  • Sheila

    He needs to worry about his daughter ,she don't seem to be making smart moves either. The Bib ..needs guidance and someone who actually cares about him. He didn't have much of a childhood..that stopped when he became famous. Now look, he is going down hill . He doesn't need to be deported…he needs a scared straight program and rehab. Its obvious that his dad is letting him go hog wild..just because he's over 18 does not mean he doesn't need a father to guide him..his dad needs to be his dad not his friend and fellow partyer

  • http://yahoo T

    LMAO…Billy Ray Cyrus clean up your own yard before you try to help clean up somebody else's yard.

  • Just-me

    What the hell can Billy tell Justin? His daughter is a demonic troll and he didn't do anything to help the situation. On top of that, he supported Miley's nude wrecking ball video. Uggh…he makes me sick!

  • http://yahoo roadrunner

    Billy Ray Cyrus, the guy who had a shotgun wedding and whose daughter can't keep her clothes on on National TV. Yeah, now that is a Dear Abby for you!

  • http://yahoo roadrunner

    What does JB need a 'break' from? He parties all the time!! He does exactly what he wants at other people's expense…Billy is a one it wonder whose daughter is giving him an 'achy breaky heart'.

  • sandy

    he wants to give Justin advices and yet he can't control his daughter who looks like she belongs in a metal hospital for naked shows and sex dances she must of learn it from Michael Jackson. Billy worry about your nutty daughter you can't control her how are you going to tell Justin what to do wake up Billy and stop rewarding your daughter with a motorcycle for the x rated shows she does you and your ex wife need to wake up if your daughter ever dress right what will you reward her with, It's like daddy is telling her look naked and you can have anything you wanted wake up little girl. you had a shot gun wedding you're no difference

  • sandy

    Billy is a bum himself how can you help someone else when you can't help your self or your family worry bout your family and let Justin family worry about him you all belong in the crazy nut house. Fine your self first buddy then your family you and your ex wife need to wake up

  • http://yahoo nana

    this is funny he's giving advice and he can't even help his kid miley, they all need to get professional HELP, his kid doesn't have looks, terrible body and yet thinks nothing of going public without clothes what a disgrace.