Billy Bob Thornton Didn’t Think He Was Good Enough for Angelina Jolie

By: WebProNews Staff - May 16, 2012

Billy Bob Thornton, acclaimed actor and award-winning director, recently opened up during an interview with Juju Chang on ABC’s “Nightline”. During the piece, Thornton admitted that it was his own inherent insecurities that ultimately resulted in the destruction of his marriage to actress Angelina Jolie. During their relationship, the duo was deeply dedicated to one another, going as far as to wear vials of each other’s blood around their respective necks.

“I blew it because I didn’t think I was good enough for her. She has one way she wanted to live her life and I had another way to live mine and I was just too insecure,” Thornton explained.

The actor, who originally began his career as a country singer, touched on a number of different subjects, many of which are covered in Thornton’s book “The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts”. He also addressed the way he gains and loses weight for roles, often to the extreme. In one instance, Thornton lived off of a can of tuna and Twizzlers in order to appear “gaunt”. The same method was used by Christian Bale for “The Machinist”, thought the Caped Crusader substituted an apple in place of the twisty red candy.

“If you want to [lose weight] quickly, you just pick something and because I happen to know if you eat a can of tuna and a pack of Twizzlers, you will lose weight, I promise you,” Thornton said.

Thornton speaks frankly about his marriage to Jolie in the tome, addressing numerous rumors that plagued the couple for years. For instance, did the pair really live in a dungeon during their brief union. The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding no. However, there appears to be very little bad blood between the two; Jolie penned the forward for the book, in which she fondly reminisces about the time they spent together.

“The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts” arrives in bookstores today (May 15th). You can catch the full interview with Thornton tonight at 11:30 on ABC.

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  • Deb

    I loved him in Bad Santa!

    • Linda

      Oh, I agree, absolutely !!! Billy Bob is pretty damn good in just about anything !!! AND, too good for Jolie (that nut)

      • Cheryl D

        Totally agree. She didn’t deserve him.

  • DP

    It probably didn’t help that he and her father announced to the world that she was suffering from mental and emotional problems. haha 😉

  • http://WebProNews/LIFE BOBBY

    BILLY BOB is one of my favorite actors. he can play any part. no matter how diverse. from MONSTER BALL to BANDITS and BAD SANTA.i look forward to seeing many more BILLY BOB films.

  • Jacque

    Billy Bob Thornton is a fabulously great actor… if you want to compare him with Brad Pitt, the only difference is Brad’s handsome face. It is a real shame that Billy Bob suffers his own insecurities, when he undoubtedly does good at everything he tries. This is the opinion of one big fan. I like to look at Billy Bob just as much as Brad when they are acting. Did anyone see “Slingblade”?? Great movie!

  • Beth B

    He is an amazing actor, indeed. How about “A Simple Plan” which is like a male version of “Thelma and Louise” in its intensity straight to the end?

  • James

    “I like the way you talk.”

  • jwtx

    Well that is just plain nuts no body is any better than dirt under our feet. We are all sinners and saints in waiting, no one can boost how good they are the lack there of. Billy Bob Thorton you just fine in my book and I love your accent. You have what it takes to be with any woman. Angelina was not the special woman you ever thought she was. So stop beating yourself up please. You are better than that.

  • tappin

    He still tapped that azz so dont be to insecure. millions of dude wish they could

  • Butchboy

    Daddy And Them, Pushing Tin, in addition to all of the more popular ones. He is an actor’s actor… Totally underestimated in my opinion…

  • Patti

    A Simple Plan and Slingblade are two of my all-time favorite flicks.

  • China

    Oh please. He’s a serial cheater.

  • deborah

    Are you kidding me? He is lucky he escaped with his integrity intact. Has he seen what she has done to Brad Pitt??????

  • Big easy

    He banged Jolie in a big black limo while they were on their way to the Oscar’s one time. The Limo driver really enjoyed the view, I bet.

  • Jayne

    Billy Bob and Jennifer are extremely lucky that they both escaped the classless insanity of Pitt and Jolie. Thornton is an outstanding actor and nothing Jolie or Pitt have ever put to film comes close to his Slingblade role. Insecure? Let it go Billy Bob.

  • skyefox

    Hope he wrote about his friendship with Jim Varney (one of his ghosts).

  • sandy

    I just love him, he can eat crackers in my bed any time, i love his voice, love the way he handles him self, please don’t ever give up acting Billy,

  • jank brock

    This guy is ugly as hell and just an ass anyway but come on it takes someone this ugly to be out of Jolie’s league. This woman is ugly as hell, who in their right mind is turned on by a lank chick with lips you could land a plane on. She looks too much like that idiot old man of her’s. I wouldn’t tap Jolie if she begged me. Have American men just lost it or what, the ugly people they worship and let excite their small members is becoming ridiculous. Brad Pitt is a moron and I don’t think he can go the distance anyway. They deserve each other. I mean dumping Jennifer Aniston for this floozie is unbelievable no matter how much of a spoiled bitch she is, her looks and body are a 10 compared to Jolie’s which I would assess at a 5 tops! What a country!