$4.7 Billion Spent For Search Engine Placement

    January 17, 2006

The Center For Media Research (CMR) reported on the study and projects even more will be spent in North American, hitting $11 billion by 2010. These totals including payments to search engines and search-related media companies, search engine marketing agencies and in-house expenditures in support of those programs. The programs they included covered search engine optimization, organic search engine optimization, and search engine market technology platforms.

The study said paid placement in 2005 accounted for 83% of the total or about $4.7 billion. Organic SEO came in at about 11%, paid inclusion was 4% and SEM technologies accounted for less than 2% of overall spending.

The CMR quoted Gord Hotchkiss, the SEMO Research Committee co-chair, “Future growth will be fueled by an increased search presence from major advertisers and new monetization strategies from the major engines…”

ComScore MediaMetrix qSearch also released research showing Americans conducted 5.15 billion searches online during November 2005. This was up 9% from the previous year. Google held the lead at 39.8% of all searches.

Yahoo came in 29.5%, MSN was 14.2%, Time-Warner Network (AOL) came in at 8.7% and Ask Jeeves 6.5%. Most experienced drops except for Google, which increased 5.2% over the previous year and Ask Jeeves was up 1% over the previous year.

All in all, this shows a very strong future for search engine advertising with the paid placement. With billions in the mix, there’s plenty to go around for everyone. Another point to be made is the figures show Google’s continued dominance in search. While other companies like Yahoo have strong showings, for just search, Google is still the one to beat.

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John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.