Bill Maher Mocks And Criticizes Mormon Religion


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Bill Maher isn’t afraid to share his opinion. While he has been spending a lot of time bashing Islam lately, he now has a new religion to criticize.

Last week the Mormon Church acknowledged that Joseph Smith had at least 30 wives, some of whom were young girls, one possibly as young as 14.

Maher wasted no time criticizing the Mormons for their new discovery and mocked the religion, as he does most other religions.

“What I love is he said he had a revelation in 1831 from an angel who said, ‘Marry plurally — get as many b–—s as you can up in there,’” Maher said. “Joseph Smith, [the church] says, resisted three times until the angel came down with the sword, threatening Joseph with destruction unless he obeyed. And you can’t argue with an armed angel.”

Maher is atheist, and has often said that he hates how people try to push their religion on others. He continued to mock Mormons, saying that the entire religion was based on a sex cult.

“This religion is based on a sex cult!” he said. “It is plainly based on a 19th century sex cult. And if we didn’t have Mormonism, we’d have to invent it for all the religious people who need something to look down on because they believe in something crazy, this would be it.”

His comments have sparked a lot of debate and even those who are not of the Mormon religion, feel as though he shouldn't have been so critical.

Maher however, refuses to back down from his stance on the religion and has continued to criticize it over the last few days.

What do you think of Bill Maher's religious views?