Bill: Hillary 2016 Speculation a Waste of Time

    May 7, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Though President Barack Obama easily won two presidential elections, it doesn’t mean he coasted into the White House. Perhaps his biggest political challenge came before he ran for president in 2008, when he fought Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president. Now that Obama’s time as president is coming to an end, speculation has begun that Clinton will again attempt to gain the Democratic nomination for president, which many Democrats believe she should have gotten five years ago.

With that history in mind, it isn’t surprising that former President Bill Clinton is beginning to field questions about Hillary’s plans for 2016. It’s also not surprising that the former president is already sick of those questions.

According to a Washington Post report, Bill rebuffed questions about Hillary’s future at a fiscal summit this week. He stated that Hillary is writing books, working with the Clinton foundation, and “having a little fun being a private citizen for the first time in 20 years.” Bill also stated that speculation about a Hillary 2016 campaign is “the worst expenditure of our time.”

In many ways, Hillary Clinton is the shoe-in for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president. Her candidacy in 2008 was supported by nearly half of Democrats, and it’s easy to imagine the entire party falling in line behind the Clinton name once again. In addition to her experience as a Senator, Hillary now has years of diplomatic experience as U.S. Secretary of State to run on. Also, while Republicans have begun frantically searching for a party spokesperson who can connect with mainstream U.S. voters, no Democratic stars seem to have appeared to challenge current party orthodoxy, and certainly none that could beat Hillary in a Democratic primary. A PPP poll just weeks ago showed that Hillary might enjoy over two-thirds of primary votes in New Hampshire, with Vice President Joe Biden coming a distant second.

  • hammar

    hillary says: what does it matter about Bengazi whether it was a parade or peace loving muslims killing Americans. I was home I didn’t feel good, i fell down and couldn’t careless. Oh, vote for me in 2016 and send
    contributions to my home in NY.

  • jimmy

    “Now that Obama’s time as president is coming to an end”

    Really? Am I wrong or did he just start his second term?

    • Keith

      I know, I don’t get it either.

  • Daniel Ford

    Hillary would make a great president. She has proven herself time and time again.

    • NotFondOfLibs

      “Proven herself time and again”? At what? The record shows that 4 Americans were killed at Benghazi, Libya on her watch as Secretary of State on the 11th anniversary of one of the most infamous dates in American history. She didn’t have the sense to beef up security at our embassy facilities in muslim countries, proving once again that democrats cannot be entrusted with the security of our country, What this country does not need in 2016 is a white haired old woman on her way to senility.

    • Becky

      Proven that she can sleep while four patriots die for our country and never give a rat’s a$$ for their safety. Proof that she wears the pants in the Clinton household and he drops his at a second’s notice, Shall I continue?
      No more Demon Rats in the white house.

      • sicandtired

        Butcher of Benghazi.

    • Ben

      What has she done???

      • sicandtired

        She killed four men in Benghazi and blamed it on a video. Talk about your pant suit on a pig.

      • Just a tax payer

        If you don’t know what she did – you need to crawl out from under that rock!

        • http://www.yahoo.com Marvin Plamondon

          Just a tax payer;
          You need to stop avoiding the question what did she do? Answer the question and list one or two! Standing by her internist chaser of a husband does not count!

    • joe

      Yep, she’s proven how inept she is. Remember her saying who would you want answering the hot line at 3:00 A.M.? After Benghazi we have our answer America!

    • http://yahoo eric isaacs

      Back off the crackpipe

    • Lynn Kidd

      In a PIGS eye. Hillary being the pig of course!

  • keith

    Bill Clinton first husband, haven’t we suffered enough. No more Clinton’s in the white house, please

  • Let’s take back our country

    Do you ever notice the Hillary never wears a “BLUE DRESS”. Wonder why that is. Oh yeah, I remember now it is because her husband was almost impeached because of a blue dress (Monica). Just what we need in the WHITE HOUSE, another poor democrat keeping the American public down on food stamps and HUD. Give me a break. What does this do for our ailing Economy. How about someone ask the current President who stated his first order of business was to close Guantanamo Bay, Uhhh people it is still open, just saying.

  • Joey

    Hillary’s lack of remorse of 4 human beings who died under her watch is sickening. Is this now what we have to settle with governing us in the W.H.? How much lower can the bar be set? I for one thought that obama had actually placed the bar UNDER the floor, but Hillary… Well, if this is all we have to offer this country in the way of a “leader”, then we are in serious trouble.

  • charles poinher

    What a joke. The lefties are already lining up for the freebies. Whats the difference anyway. Just dead civil servants

  • http://facebook Mark

    We think things are bad now !! If she gets in we can kiss our a-* goodbye. This women is not plying with a full deck. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. She’s just as full of BS as what we’ve already got. Watch out people. She’s a conniver. Not to be trusted!!!

  • benny

    Amazing how fast she healed AFTER the Benghazi hearings.

    Phucking criminals.

    • sicandtired

      Nothing sticks to these criminals….elites…they have a higher calling than then the rest of us.

  • Gabe

    The Republicans still live in this illusion that the Bush-Cheney debacle is a liberals figment of imagination. Hillary was busy rebuilding international bridges that the republicans f**cked up. Didn’t the republican dominated congress cut the funding for foreign service?

    • Jacquelyn Roberts

      You said it Gabe, Thank you. We lost dozens of diplomats under Bush & Cheney. Not one word about that – right? The Republicans cut the funding to protect those embasssies. Not One word about that – right? I knew they would chant Bengahzi, Bengazhi, Bengazhi, … and that’s all we hear – right? I saw Hillary cry while remembering Chris Stevens. She adored him. Will they continue to hope that none of us saw that? you bet. I am personally hoping that Biden will run. I’ve always liked his “Kennedy -esq” quality … but I’l not stand quiet while these liars do this to Hillary.

      • Ron Holsomback

        “LIARS DO THIS TO HILLARY” What are they doing to the secretary of state at the time 4 Americans were killed. She crawled in a hole for almost 5 months after Rice runs her mouth and misleads the country. Then when its time to speak she suddenly is unable to because of an illness or something. Please. Then she quickly rushes off in to the sunset without giving us the truth about what really went down. Pathetically, the left won’t admit when one of there own does wrong. Bottomline, Hillary screwed up before, during and after a terroist attack on Americans and you are an idiot if you are going to let your political biases get in the way of this.

      • Keith

        About Biden: I would vote for Biden

  • http://www.yahoo.com Marvin Plamondon

    Hey Gabe!
    Are you three or four? What international bridges? What Bush-Cheney debacle? I think you are confused! Hillary burns her bridges. Benghazi !

  • Watkin

    It don’t matter………Obama gonna have America so screwed up by 2016 no one will be able to fix this country !!!

    • Jamie

      Seriously? Republicans screwed it up. Dow Jones just hit a milestone of over 15,000. You can blame Obama for THAT, simpleton.

      • Keith

        Jamie, I have to agree with you on that. Remember Bush & Cheney And the Republicans? Also the wars? They are the ones that did it.

      • franke

        You moron,……the only reason its so high is because the government is printing money like its the end of the world. Do some research and shave that nasty sh.it off your face.

    • Keith

      Obama is fixing this country. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!. Obama is the President, and he way better then Bush & Cheney years ago. Bush & Cheney are both stupid, One likes OIL (bush) and the other one (Cheney), will I don’t Cheney has friends, because they don’t want to get shot down.

  • http://yahoo eric isaacs

    God help us if idiot makes makes it 2016. Look whats in there right now hes out playing golf and this country in the crapper.Keep printing paper,they want are guns so they finish selling us out with the least resitance

  • dave

    Hang them both in the white house yard… Obam and Hill?

  • franke

    Hillary is an elite murderer……

  • http://josevgabucan@yahoo.com vic g. gabucan

    Republicans have no real conservative and leadership to lead America but if Hilary Clinton will change her conviction and philosophy in real life as a real conservative, Mrs Clinton will win as president of USA.

  • Astreid

    My problem with Hilary is her age and lack of real government experience. America cannot vote for a woman in her late 60’s to early 70’s in these times of fast communication. She is riding on the coattails of Bill Clinton. She does not have a grounded background in government like Margaret Thatcher. Her last appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations committee was confrontational not persuasive rather like a good defense lawyer. A leader needs good negotiations skills and charisma.

  • http://no Cathy

    and not just NO hell no