Bill Gates Talks Up Vista Sales

Everyone else says, "Um, but . . ."

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To be fair, I think any one of us would be thrilled to move 140 million copies of something.  But Microsoft is held to a higher standard, and so Bill Gates’s positive comment about Vista sales is raising some eyebrows.

Bill Gates
 Gates Proud Of Vista

As billionaires go, Gates seems fairly down-to-earth.  He appears to understand how real people relate to money, and he’s certainly tech-savvy enough to have read all the online articles criticizing Vista.  Still, he claimed that 140 million Vista sales represents "a very rapid sales rate," according to Kenneth McCallum.

Never mind that a number of people have tried Vista only to "downgrade" to XP.  Or that both individuals and manufacturers have pleaded with Microsoft to keep XP available.  Or even that a branch of the UK government advised schools not to use the newer operating system.

Meh.  One explanation is that Gates is merely trying not to cripple Vista’s sales in any additional way.  Gates has previously been quoted as saying that Windows 7 will be presented "in the next year or so," and as that point draws closer, perhaps he’ll start admitting Vista’s problems.  In the meantime, such admissions would either serve no purpose or drive people to seek non-Microsoft alternatives.

Here’s hoping that the year-ish timeframe is correct, anyway.  Vista’s "very rapid sales rate" aside, Windows 7 could solve problems for both Microsoft and consumers.

Bill Gates Talks Up Vista Sales
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    Rapid sales?  Isnt that more down to the fact the users are not being given a choice of buying Vista!  All new computers now come with Vista and due to lowering laptop and desktop prices computer sales are at an all time high, would that not be the main reason that vista sales are high?  Let hope that the next version of windows is a whole lot better and more functional!

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