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    September 8, 2006

Here’s a roundup of a few Windows Vista news items:

Microsoft has run out of product keys for Windows Vista. Whoops. The message, listed on the Connect beta testing website, reads:

9-5-06 – We are currently out of additional keys for package “5342 and Up Ultimate”. We will have more keys available for download within 72 hours. Please do NOT send mail to MCHelp or LHBeta regarding this issue.”

Hopefully that means new product keys today, and public product keys sometime next week.

If you are running Vista, be sure to try out some of the beta testing scenarios Microsoft has posted. If you want Microsoft to fix any annoyances before the product hits retail shelves, your chance is right now to get your feedback in.

Ed Bott has ten essential tweaks for Windows Vista users.

Ars has an article on the advanced audio features in Vista, including one that listens from a microphone, so it hears what you are hearing and adjusts levels and lag. The features look killer, although they don’t appear in my build (could be the integrated laptop speakers, or integrated audio drivers).


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