Bill Gates Condom Challenge Offers $100,000

    March 27, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Bill Gates‘ philanthropy continues to press hard on issues that may seem odd, but are actually essential to propping up the developing world.

Last year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) selected a reinvention of the toilet that functions as a solar-powered wastewater treatment system. Now, Gates is challenging inventors to use improvements in materials science to develop a condom that feels good.

As part of the BMGF’s Grand Challenges in Global Health initiatives, the foundation is offering a $100,000 grant to someone who is willing to design a “next generation condom that significantly preserves or enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use.”

The idea is that, as reliable and easy-to-use as condoms are, men supposedly experience more pleasure having bareback sex than they do using a condom. The challenge asks:

Is it possible to develop a product without this stigma, or better, one that is felt to enhance pleasure? If so, would such a product lead to substantial benefits for global health, both in terms of reducing the incidence of unplanned pregnancies and in prevention of infection with HIV or other STIs?

The challenge states that condoms have been in use for around 400 years, and have not improved in the past 50 years. However, the scientific advances made in the past 50 years, the initiative reads, have not been applied to this important area:

Material science and our understanding of neurobiology has undergone revolutionary transformation in the last decade yet that knowledge has not been applied to improve the product attributes of one of the most ubiquitous and potentially underutilized products on earth. New concept designs with new materials can be prototyped and tested quickly. Large-scale human clinical trials are not required. Manufacturing capacity, marketing, and distribution channels are already in place.

A better feeling condom could go a long way to convincing some men that they might as well roll one on before sex, if only for their own safety. However, the question of how a condom feels during sex isn’t the only factor that has prevented the condom from better curbing STIs and the AIDS epidemic seen in some regions of the world. Religious beliefs in particular continue to hinder the distribution and adoption of condoms in the developing world – and those can’t simply be engineered away.

  • Cindy Smith

    make a lotion to go on and it will kill off sperm,before it enters the vagina

    • ken

      Cindy…….don’t think we are really talking about vaginas in this story. But if we are, then what you suggest is already on the market……spermacidal cream…a plunger full of that stuff in the hole frees it for unlimited humping and shooting…..plus the extra benefit of not needing KY……don’t know what the scientists say its overall effectiveness is compared to the pill or rubbers, but I’ve known a lot of women it has served well………..plus no prior planning needed, fits easily into your purse or a guy’s jacket pocket. You really ought to try it sometime, that being singular or plural according to your own personal optional behaviors.

  • Fred DORMOY

    Why not codoms with some kind of electrostimulation ?

  • http://exployer7 jc allen gathers

    the lamb skin condom is one of the best but if you would double two in one you wil have better protection

    that,condon will not brake at any giving time.let look at a baby pamper it’s soak up the liquid.useing a transparent surlution that will dry up the liquid emeatly.

  • ken

    I know that Gates is well-intended, but even so he is just another rich idiot screwing around in other other people’s personal behaviors, with a penchant for him telling us what’s best, just like that rich idiot dictator Blumbutt of New York….or what used to be the Nazi leader of the People’s Republic of California. Gates better thank his lucky dollars that his moolah buys him unlimited protection from ever having to rub shoulders with common people…..his ass figuratively speaking wouldn’t last five minutes in a conversation with common men at mom and pop’s beer joint….nor in the local mens bathhouse. Just go away, Bill, and take Blumbutt with you.

  • jason

    Make that really thin saran-wrap more flexible, I bet that would be nice.

  • JoeShmoe

    Hey Bill!
    This already exists… Its been around for years. The best thing about it that it doesn’t cost any money, has a 0% chance of failing (with adequate lighting), and every woman carries one….

    Its called an a**hole!!! Yeah, anal. Works like a charm.

  • timothy

    i think if you could get a condom just to go over the penis head.or a cream or silicone that could form part of your dick and dry up in seconds. but ja there is no other way to make a condom i think

  • brian ivory

    In most cases, the rich enjoy themselves and their financial free lives with no concern. But it takes a great man to have care and concern for the problems of the people of the world. Good job, Bill. Now, saying all that, I have already applied for a government patent for a new design on a condom. Bill, I have entered your contest and look forward to hearing from you at a later time.