Bill de Blasio Wins New York Mayoral Primary


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Often all it takes to be elected to public office is the promise that you will be nothing like the last guy. Nearly every president in the last twenty years has told the public that they would bring something to the table that was completely different from their predecessor. Now that same strategy is paying off for New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio.

de Blasio, who recently won a major victory in the city's democratic primary, has based his campaign on opposing policies instituted by current mayor Michael Bloomberg. Those policies include the controversial "stop and frisk" which allows police to do just that to individuals that have done nothing wrong. The policy has been ridiculed for its ineffectiveness and blatant overuse on minority citizens and in poorer neighborhoods.

Bloomberg even went so far as to use the slogan "a tale of two cities" in distancing himself from the controversial and oft misliked Bloomberg, who was never truly able to get on the same wavelength with the people of New York. Their disapproval of Bloomberg has propelled de Blasio to the top of the mayoral race, and could very well see him in office soon.

It also helps that many of the other candidates either never really registered with the people of greatly harmed their own campaigns (see Anthony Weiner). de Blasio's campaign has been perfectly orchestrated to ensure that he will make some major noise come the final election.

[Image via WSJ Digital Network]