Bill Cosby Dead, Facebook Page Declares

    August 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Bill Cosby is the latest in a long string of celebrities who have fallen victim to the infamous internet death hoax, but rest assured: he’s alive and well.

When a “R.I.P. Bill Cosby” page popped up on Facebook, fans began to lose their collective minds…and as soon as the news broke that Cosby was still kickin’, they all turned on the creator of the page, who is reveling in the attention. The page now has over 323,000 “likes”, but the comments posted are fairly brutal. However, the creator responded thusly:

“I hope you all have learned your lesson. DON’T RELY ON SOCIAL NETWORKING AS YOUR ONLY NEWS SOURCE. Also, stop with the death threats. They are annoying and you know you are going to do nothing to me.”

Cosby is in good company, as Rihanna, Jon Bon Jovi, Russell Brand, and Cher have all been the target of elaborate social media death hoaxes. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, someone made this happen.

  • April

    that is just crazy… people posting stupid things like that…Don’t be starting rumors that aren’t true..and we all wonder why we all have been having so much rough weather. God is watching all of us and it’s people like this guy, that loves starting rumors, that causes this stuff…have you ever stopped to think that the Good Lord is trying to tell us something…

    • Quit Being Stupid

      What’s worse:
      The hoax the person started, to prove a valid point about the sheep who blindly follow social networking, or the fact that he’s received death, and violent, threats in response?

      The answer:
      The morons who responded are worse. Typical fanatic/addicts who lash out when their unhealthy way of living is questioned.

      God is done with us for the most part. We’re heading in a direction that makes us almost too stupid to save.
      We deserve to be destroyed.
      There’s always hope, but that’s better served in hoping there is a way to wipe out 99% of the world (so we have chance to start over, and make things right).

      • http://www.gregnagy.com Greg Nagy

        I disagree. While people clearly should fact check, people also shouldn’t engage in cruel hoaxes. Apples and oranges my friend. The point could have been made a million different, better, and more creative ways. This attention seeking ploy was just cheap and childish. We can rationalize just about any action if we try hard enough, but claiming one is more “bad” than the other misses the larger and ironic point at hand; both the creators of the page AND the people who fall for it are worthy of derision.

    • john

      I think it was funny and enlightening, but people missed the message. People need to stop referring to these non-news sources for information.

      And maybe this guy doesn’t believe in god, have you ever stopped to think about that?

  • http://yahoo shane

    If the hoax bothered you at all… you should die… seriously

    • Becky

      Shane, You have major problems. There is NOTHING funny about saying someone is dead who isn’t or about saying someone should die. You need Jesus, and I hope that you find him.

  • Tom

    My only fear that when he does actually die, nobody gonna believe it.

  • http://www.mikekalil.com Mike

    As a former journalist, I have to say it’s really irresponsible to have your headline begin with “Bill Cosby Dead.” One of the first things you learn is not to help spread false rumors, but rather dispel them from the get-go. From reading your headline, you could conclude that Bill Cosby is indeed dead.

  • http://yahoo.com ronald latt 70

    i think this idiot would lie about anything.he needs help badly

  • http://none Estelle Edwards

    This proves nothing of the sort. Corporate media can’t be trusted either. The fact is all of us have become mentally lazy as a society. We have to be continually filtering and sorting whatever information we get – wherever it comes from. We have to learn how to verify, verify, verify and check sources against each other. Technology is a tool. It will never totally replace the human factor — nor should it.

    • http://www.gregnagy.com Greg Nagy

      I do not wear an aluminum hat and I concur with you. :) Part of me wouldn’t be surprised if this website and the facebook page were in cahoots. It’s all rather sad…

  • http://www.gregnagy.com Greg Nagy

    I have a pretty open sense of humor….HOWEVER, I do not find this little attention seeking bunch of adolescents funny in the least bit. As far as proposed humor goes, it is cheap, easy, and very childish. Sorry…. tried to see if there was some ironic humor, maybe some secondary comedic allusions, or an allegory or two over there but they were actually and simply posting that Bill had passed. Seriously, yes he is a celebrity and they are open to this sort of thing, but it is all so cheap and on many levels. Maybe I am just getting old…maybe I am that gnarling old man yelling at kids to slow down as they drive past, or to stop walking on my lawn, or maybe just maybe they lack a boat load of creativity and reverence… And if you think this somehow made a valid point, well the bigger picture is that is was done CHEAPLY. A monkey could come up with this ploy. The bigger message here is not about the sheeple of facebook, rather, it is about non-creative minds farting in church. To Shane above…(and wondering if it the same Shane from the page) you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame and socio-pathy. Hope it was fun for you.

  • steve

    Too bad Puffy doesn’t take the English language as seriously as he does rumors of Cosby’s death.

  • eric dubose

    without “CHRIST” you are dead while you are still alive. And anyone who thinks Cosby will never die is silly and ignorant!

    • Jimmy

      Bill Cosby needs salvation in the blood of Jesus Christ for his sins like we all do. Accept Jesus today.

  • Truthseeker

    Listen, we all know the genuine Bill Cosby died years ago, and is buried near the tomb of the real Paul McCartney. That photo is a hoax – taken of a rather poorly made wax statue. The story we should be investigating is that Bill Cosby is the real father of Obama. Nobody really believes in this non-existent father from Kenya, do they?

  • Rebecca

    My heart dropped when I first saw a bunch of things saying Bill Cosby had died. This is a terrible joke. How can people be so stupid?